Token Sale Round

Where and when can I enter sale token to buy Centrifudge?

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Thank you for reaching out and your interest in Centrifuge! We have not conducted a public sale of the Radial (RAD) token, and do not plan to in the near future. But, we do intend to give public access to RAD, and it should become more widely available in the future.

There are a couple of ways you can obtain RAD today. If you are interested in obtaining RAD to use Centrifuge Chain, we have a public faucet available. If you are interested in investing in Tinlake pools, we have an ongoing RAD rewards program. Let us know if you would like to learn more, or reach out to us if neither of these two fit your needs.

If you are interested in investing in the RAD token, please send us the best email to reach you at and we can contact you if there is a public sale of RAD in the future.

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Hey cassidy, I’m interested in investing in the rad token, Can I get an email update in the future?

Also, It says here that a single github account can request 1 RAD a day, this is not free right? Is there a price? Also, is there a way I can bypass a Github 180day limit when trying to setup a faucet account? I just made one.

Hi Cassidy,

we are very interested in becoming a liquidity provider for tinlake

have you got any email address we can reach,

Brilliant project

Look forward to hearing from you


Hey @psilinvestments,
You can reach out to to start providing liquidity in Tinlake. We also have a RAD rewards program for liquidity providers

Hope this helps!

Hey @cryptodenier, I’ll note your information for a future token sale. Edit: The faucet has been closed.

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“Token is invalid or has expired. Please try logging in again.” Does this mean I have activated the faucet already? From within Github it says that Centrifuge is connected. Is there a way to verify the Faucet is working?

Hi cassidy, i am interested in your public sale. Can you please notify me as well. Is this enough or should i communicate more information? Please let me know.

HI Cassidy,i had read somewhere that there is going to be a public sale on Rad tokens on May 26 .


you can register for the public sale on CoinList until May 21:

The sale starts on May 26 for the public

Best wishes

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I’ve registered for the Coinlist sale, and I read that there is a $500 purchase limit.
I also read that there is another special offer for Tinlake users/investors, of which I am one.
Is there a possibility I can buy more than $500 worth of CTG? and how would I do that?

Existing whitelisted Tinlake user has max limit upto $100K to buy in on CL.


sweet, cheers - looking forward to it