Utility or Governance Token Offering

Will there be a utility or governance token associated with Centrifuge? If so when and where will it be offered?


Hi @Foothills, you can read more about Centrifuge Chain and how the Radial token functions in the network here: https://centrifuge.io/products/chain/


Hi @cassidy, Iā€™m interested in learning how those interested in participating in the Centrifuge ecosystem can earn/purchase the Radial tokens. I discovered the platform via the Maker ecosystem and as a lawyer it looks like an extremely interesting platform to me; trade finance is a great application of De-Fi technology.

What are the current plans of the foundation in terms of the distribution of tokens to ecosystem participants? Will there be further opportunities to invest in RAD tokens beyond the rounds that were raised already?



Hey @GarethF!

For RAD:
At the moment, we can just take your email and let you know if/when we will have a token sale. (edit: the faucet has been closed.)

If you are interested in investing in some of our upcoming short term pools, you can fill out a form here https://centrifuge.io/invest

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any more questions.