Centrifuge Fortnightly Digest #2 10.04.21

Centrifuge Fortnightly Digest

Hi! Welcome to our short and sweet summary of activity, and key events and news from the Centrifuge Ecosystem.


Maker: Tinlake just borrowed the first loan from MakerDAO on Kovan! That means, a DeFi protocol has automatically funded a pool of real estate Real World Assets AND that also means new $DAI was minted from real estate!

‘Whaaaat’?! We hear you say, ‘This is HUGE!’. Yes, yes it is.

(credit @calvito)

Community call: The Fortnightly Community Call has changed moved forward by 1.5 hours. It will now be every second Thursday at 18:00 - 19:00 CET (12:00 EST).

Next week on the 15th April we will be hearing about the Maker opportunity, exploring the Discord Missions and talking in small groups about how you can apply your interest and experience in the Centrifuge ecosystem (separate forum post with details coming soon).

Bounties: The Discord Mission’s are going well. We’ve had over 50 people reach level 4. Head along over to the Centrifuge Discord to check out some of the results and especially the hilarious memes.

Governance and key discussions

The community has been discussing the CFG Liquidity Rewards Parameter Update. There’s some great discussion about locking to earn more rewards. Please add your thoughts to the forum post!

As for the changes we can implement right now, we will proceed with the following parameters:

  • Next Reward Allocation: 3.6M CFG
  • Vesting Period: unchanged - 30 days
  • Reward Rate: unchanged - 0.0042 CFG/DAI/day


Token sale: Thanks for your patience, we’re still working really hard to ensure the details enable a good and fair sale. It’s nice to see your continuing interest. Hold tight! And remember that RAD has become CFG.

Key content

Check out this presentation by our badass token designer Cassidy Daly about how bridging real world assets to DeFi really works at #PolkaDeFiance.

Centrifuge Partnership’s queen, Lea Schmidtt, nails it in her blog As Composable as it Gets: ‘We would like companies to navigate DeFi freely without being siloed and locked into one system. Being as composable as possible allows us to pick and choose the best components for our users and build a strong financial network of networks.’


Tinlake TVL continues its elegant rise, it is currently sitting at 9,169,428 DAI.

New Silver has a Pool Value of 3,721,836DAI

1754 Factory (Bling Series 1) has a Pool Value of 1,463,742DAI

:seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling: :seedling:


Cheers. Thanks a bunch for being part of our Community!



This is amazing!! :heart_eyes: :partying_face:

The token design is beautiful! Congrats @cassidy :ok_hand:


Hear! Hear! Solid update, Kate. Love hearing more about what Team Centrifuge is up to. Onward! Upward! :rocket:

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Cool stuff and easy to digest :wink: