2021-10-07 Community Call 17: Collaborations in the Dotsamaverse

Hi there!

The next Centrifuge community call is on 7 October. This call is for those who consider themselves to be part of the Centrifuge Community.

Come to listen or to contribute. We value all input! :raising_hand_woman:

We’ll discuss:

  • Altair :dizzy:
  • Collaborations with Dotsama :fire:
  • Governance and CFG rewards :gem:
  • And we’ll hear from a new Asset Originator about their up and coming Pool :cyclone:

If you have other items you would like to discuss, please add them in the thread below.

With Cassidy Daly, Ash Judge, and Kate Beecroft as your hosts.

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Recording here

Altair team (Cassidy)
1.30 Launch + Drop + Questions & Discussion
10.27 Altair NFT Studio ‘5 + Q&D
22.25 Collabs: Kilt, Acala, RMRK

24:58 Community team (Ash): Governance Process
29:00 Engineering team (Jeroen): Product/Protocol Updates
38:10 Biz Dev team (Anna): New Pool: Cauris ‘15


@cassidy : in addition to the Altair-crowdloan can you give a preview on the upcoming parachain auctions on Polkadot? e.g rough tokenomics, which round Centrifuge is planning to participate etc.


What is everyone’s expectation for the Centrifuge crowdloan on Polkadot in terms of maximum cap and the rewards ratio of DOT:CFG?
Am I totally way off with a hardcap of 2.4 mio DOT and estimated rewards of 1 DOT:1 CFG?

@Rhano what’s your opinion?

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The only thing I really had to go by in terms of data, was the hardcap of KSM of the projects, in the first and current batch of the Kusama auctions, relative to Kusama’s total market cap.

First batch = 10-15 % of Kusama’s total market cap
Current batch = 2-4 % of Kusama’s total market cap

Based on that, I would say that around 2 % of Polkadot’s market cap (1.115.893.767 DOT) seems appropriate. Therefore, around 22.000.000 DOT matches the current data better, in my opinion.


It is a bit tricky to determine what a fair ratio should be as it also depends on the market price(s) and the bonus(es) rewarded for contributing DOT. But if we take a look at how much staking rewards people loose by not staking their DOT, it’s roughly around 13-14 % per year.

I personally find the ratio 1:1 a bit underwhelming but it primarily depends on how much is allocated for the rewards in CFG for locking up our DOT. It also depends on the bonus rewards (e.g. early contributors, double trouble bonus etc.)
Since I/we don’t have any specific numbers to go by, it’s quite hard to come with a good estimation.

I tried looking through the tokenomics and all I could find was that

3% of CFg tokens will be minted each year as PoS block rewards, DOT lock rewards, and liquidity rewards

However, it doesn’t say whether it’s equally distributed or not.

Thank you for asking for my opinion, I appreciate it, and it shows how much you guys value the community.

But I’m curious to hear what others think on the matter as well, and if we could get some specific numbers from the team, it would be easier to come with an input.


Thanks for your detailed answer and I think I need to revist my numbers based on your input and a recent tweet from Dan Reecer:


I conservatively underestimated the value of Polkadot and given the fact that it is a bigger network than Kusama a ratio of 1 DOT : 10 CFG should be a fair value (?)

Of course this is just an assumption and I am also waiting for the tokenomics for the parachain auction and I would like to here the opinion of other community members (@CentrifugeLove ) as well :slight_smile:


Rumor has it there will be champagne to celebrate Altair’s parachain slot :eyes::tada:

And there will be even more celebration once Centrifuge has won a parachain on Polkadot in the upcoming auctions! :partying_face:

Hope you will join the ride too and harvest the double trouble bonus? :wink:

Hey everyone,

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The zoom link is here should you need it Launch Meeting - Zoom

See you soon!

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