2021-12-09 Centrifuge Community Call #19: RWAAVE!

Hello wonderful humans of the Centrifugal Force

If you’re interested in velocity you’ll be interested in the RWA Market that Centrifuge is building with Aave.

Basically let’s RWAAVE!

The Centrifuge/Aave Real World Assets Market is the key topic of the next Centrifuge Community Call this Thursday the 9th December at 18:00 CET

With @jeroen and @annamehr

We’ll also discuss some other pretty important and hands down interesting topics!

  • Centrifuge + Polkadot Crowdloan (remember, Batch 2 opens on the 15th Dec and we’re going for it!)
  • CFG rewards :cyclone:

If you have other items you want to add, please mention them in the thread below and let’s get the discussion started on our agenda items!

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Let’s do this!


I think many people would be interested in hearing about the Runtime Upgrades as well. I know there is an update about RU3 here, but getting an estimate on when RU4 will be executed is what most people are inquiring at the moment.

Looking forward to the call.


Ok thanks Rhano - yes we can talk about runtime upgrades that affect Altair for sure.

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Some other context to get up to speed on for the Community Call tonight Centrifuge LP Rewards: Ideas for Improvements

Recording of Community Call 19 is here