2022-02-17 Centrifuge Community Call 20 (18:00 CET)

The Centrifuge Community Call is for EVERYONE


Item One: RWA Market - the first diversified Real World Asset Market on Aave.`

:hammer_and_wrench: @annamehr and @jeroen will demo the RWA Market and explain how it works
:books: Questions and discussion

If you want to be ahead of the biggest trend in DeFi this year, join this call.

About RWA Market: the first USDC has been borrowed in the RWA Market, using real-world assets as collateral, enabled by the combination of the Aave and Centrifuge protocols.

This means that if you invest USDC in the RWA Market it will be backed by US real estate, inventory financing, and emerging market consumer loans. Soon, it will also be backed by trade receivables, commercial real estate, revenue based financing and more. Read more here

Item Two: Centrifuge Crowdloan

:handshake: Partnerships & collaborations and gearing up to make the transition to a parachain with @cassidy
:stars: What’s coming up as we enter the last weeks of the Centrifuge crowdloan (contribute here)

The Centrifuge parachain will benefit the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystems, positioning Centrifuge as the #1 real-world asset protocol in the crypto multiverse.

Item Three: Update from Governance 'Altair Launch

Council updates on balances transfers and other key parts of the Altair Launch

Ways to Join
:point_right:Join with Zoom (passcode 081810)
:point_right: Add to your calendar

If you have other topics you would like to hear about or discuss add them in the comments

See you there! :dizzy: :cyclone:


It would be great if team could elaborate more on CFG token future.
There is no strong correlation between RWA markets and CFG token.
I do understand that it was done intentionally to avoid market fluctuations, but in the same time there is no strong reason to accumulate CFG, therefore price movement potential is mediocre.
Staking, governance and transaction fees are standard utilities and I fear that it is not good enough to move price up.

Another topic that I am interested in is RWA market migration to Centrifuge blockchain.
How would it change current RWA market structure?
Will it be possible for smaller investors to participate in Tinlake? Lets say with 50-100 dai/usdt.
Will there be option for CFG token holders to interact and profit from RWA markets in foreseeable future?



Great question here on the future of the CFG token I would like to know as you do if the team have plan to make the CFG more attractive to the market other than fee burning when the Tinlake will operate on the centrifuge blockchain.

Btw could the team provide us with more info, on how and “when” this should happen (forgive my ignorance if I missed a post about this.)

Second remark to the team, please look up for this github comment Website navigation: Add link to Governance Forum · Issue #398 · centrifuge/website · GitHub and give us your feedback, it’s not a big change but it will render the governance accessibility easier in my opinion.

Congrats on the 60 Millions USD TVL, Long live to Centrifuge :slight_smile:


Video of the call is here

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