An update on the upcoming RWA Market built on Centrifuge & Aave

We have been heads down with the development of the market for DROP tokens, also known as the Real World Asset (RWA) Market. It’s time to reveal where we are at, as we have been making some very exciting progress and we know some of you are waiting in anticipation!

Aave and Centrifuge contributors have been working hard to get that up and running. A deployment of the permissioned pool has been done to the kovan testnet. The Aave UI has been adapted to work well for this market, and we are working hard to make the user experience as smooth as possible. All of this is nearing completion. Here’s a teaser of how the market looks on kovan right now!

Besides the engineering work, RWA Market LLC, the operator and issuer of the RWA Market, is busy with the last steps of finalizing the legal framework for the RWA Market.

Once this is complete, the first decentralized market for real world assets, built on Aave and Centrifuge, launches as a next huge step towards Real World DeFi!

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