Some interrogants

Centrifuge blockchain is public or semi-private?

Does the blockchain Solidity smart contracts?

What is the price of the network fees? Does your blockchain use a transactional protocol as ghost protocol?

Why is having a tokenization dapp in your blockchain better than in other networks?

How can I deploy smart contracts on Centrifuge blockchain?

When will the Centrifuge parachain be working with the Kusama network?

Do you need a “bridge” such as web3 to connect the dapp with the Centrifuge network?


It might be a bit confusing but Centrifuge started as a dApp (Tinlake) on Ethereum, here is the outdated white paper:

Here is an updated token summary of Centrifuge chain built on substrate:

Centrifuge will never work with Kusama but Altair will:

Further research can be done here:

Happy days!

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