Contributor Intro: Matt

Hi Centrifuge Team!

I am Matt, a new active contributor to the Centrifuge community. I am a consultant and investor focused on digital assets, mobility, and SaaS. I spent 10 years in TradFi at RBC Capital Markets in various credit trading roles before focusing on consulting in the venture space and investing across digital assets, private and public markets.

I took my initial dive into crypto in 2017, but truly became a believer during DeFi Summer in 2020. Knowing first-hand that our financial system is ripe for disruption, the first iterations of DeFi convinced me that distributed ledger tech, combined with the multitude of use cases for digital assets will be incredibly transformative. While legacy institutions are slowly adopting crypto in various capacities, I see disruptive crypto-natives like Centrifuge as essential in creating a more transparent, efficient, and democratized financial system.

I am a member of the Centrifuge Credit Group and look forward to offering my expertise there, while also contributing and collaborating with the broader Centrifuge community.


Welcome Matt! Really exciting to see more and more people with credit experience join our community :slight_smile:


Great to meet you Matt! Thanks for putting the time in for an intro post :+1:

Welcome aboard Matt!
I am glad to see that Centrifuge Credit Group is expanding and the group is acquiring important and experienced people.

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Hey Matt! Thanks for introducing yourself. Great to have you as part of the Centrifuge community. Especially with your passion for crypto and experience in TradFi. :beers: