Team Member Introduction: Bek Turaev

Hi Centrifuge community! Wanted to share a post here and give a proper introduction.

My name is Bek Turaev, and I joined k-f team end of March as Head of Credit helping with the formulation of our credit strategy as it relates to existing and new pools that we are considering.

A little bit about myself - I spent about 10 years in TradFi and last 4 years in Crypto, having migrated to this side of the new Financial Markets in 2019! My experience in TradFi spans across buy-side and sell-side, having been part of the asset management teams at SocGen and Guggenheim Partners, and leveraged finance division at Morgan Stanley focusing on credit underwriting and issuance on syndicated lending facilities as well as M&A and sponsor-led LBO event transactions. In Crypto, I joined Genesis Global Capital in 2019 to help build and scale their lending business, having witnessed crypto capital markets (the bull rallies as well as severe crashes like Black Crypto Thursday) from the center of the action, and briefly at Compound before the Crypto Winter fully settled in :frowning: Excited to continue my efforts at Centrifuge, and help build an ecosystem at the intersection of traditional and crypto financial markets that I hope will be truly market-agnostic once its core vision comes to full fruition.

While my TradFi experience gave me the foundational knowledge of valuations and financial statement analysis, I was always motivated to explore new realms of Finance as it was evident we were operating under the same rails for decades and there had to be a more efficient way of accessing and utilizing capital markets. While the intent was there to build a new ecosystem by CeFi players, a lot of the strategies pursued were subsidized by favorable market conditions across all markets, equities and crypto, and exacerbated by inefficiencies in crypto products which resulted in arbitrage trades as well as steep contango in futures which further magnified yields across crypto desks. Once those strategies ran dry, it was evident that no real innovation had occurred under the hood. I believe the Platform we are building at Centrifuge is truly revolutionary, with yields offered coming from real projects with sound business models and verifiable assets that power our pools - it is our job to keep pursuing those strategies and putting more of those good and sustainable Credits on chain!

I am excited to work with you all on new pool launches and initiatives, and learn and develop as our RWA segment of Crypto reaches its full potential.