Community Intro: Adam Lawrence &

Hey Centrifuge Community, I’m Adam from

I’ve previously met Colin and Devin, so I’m excited to introduce myself and our new project to the rest of the Centrifuge community!

We’re building - Analytics on real-world assets. Our mission is to organize data on RWAs so that investors can make better decisions about where to allocate their capital, from standardizing data to understanding risk. And at the same time, we want to help protocols showcase their deals in an equitable fashion to anyone who wants to invest.

Our first release is live and you can check it out today! With the first version you can:

  1. View aggregate metrics about RWA protocols (primarily “Private Credit” ones like Centrifuge)
  2. View KPIs about each protocol, including defaults
  3. View every deal offered by a protocol, in a standardized and easy-to-understand fashion

Here’s a screenshot of a Centrifuge deal from the app:

On the roadmap we want to build detailed views of the underlying assets, performance monitoring, and much more. Reach out if any of those interest you:)

Person Background and Mission
I was originally born and raised in Saudi Arabia and came to the United States for highschool. Most of my family is from Tunisia, a small country with very strict currency controls and poor investment opportunities. I see crypto and DeFi as a way to give people all over the world access to financial products they can use to thrive.

After graduating from university, I worked at Microsoft on their engineering systems and eventually decided to dive into startups! As a previous DeFi founder (along with my cofounder Charlie You) however, I saw most projects surrender themselves to building elaborate casinos. I think the tide is turning towards RWAs, and see Centrifuge as one of the biggest players spearheading this movement. So we’re excited to work with Centrifuge on the mission towards a truly open financial system.

If you want to get in touch I’m always available on Telegram ( or Twitter ( We are building tools for investors and protocols and always love connecting with anyone who experiences problems allocating to real-world assets.

Follow along our progress here! We’ll be sharing deep dives and research pieces soon.



Thanks for the intro of yourself and @adamlawrence

The objective of organizing data on RWAs for more informed decision making is going to be a major value add as this sector snowballs! Great to see your work and looking forward to you engaging in the Centrifuge DAO

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@adamlawrence Welcome to the community and thanks for putting together Transparency is key and you help drive that component for regular people to understand on chain data.

A dashboard to track both the centrifuge platform and RWA sector of crypto on a larger level is exactly what is needed these days!

I’ll be using this as a regular tool of mine.

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