Ambassador Introduction: Tokenomacs

Hi all!

My name is Tokenomacs (aka Mac). I am ecstatic to join Centrifuge’s ambassador program.


  • Started in crypto mining BTC all the way back in 2013

  • CBDC research with Christian Catalini in 2018

  • Worked for multiple TradFi / Crypto firms including Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Piper Sandler, Algorand, CrossTower between 2018-2022

Recent Work

  • Binance Research Analyst, producing industry-viral pieces on topics such as RWAs, Institutional Custody, Wallets, and others

  • Masters of Science in Blockchain and Digital Currency, and academic research on Conflict Resolution within DAOs, Bitcoin’s Long Term Security Budget

  • Contract research for firms like, Swarm Markets, and Copper Custody

Why I am interested in RWAs and Centrifuge specifically

  • The potential to lower the financing gap between SMEs and large institutions through asset-level transparency, open/public opportunities, and disintermediation

  • The Centrifuge community has pioneered an approach of taking TradFi primitives and integrating them into the protocol in a decentralized, on-chain manner - I anticipate this continuing and would like to help bring TradFi primitives on-chain



Good to have you here and supporting us in bringing Real World Assets to the masses! :boom: :100:

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appreciate your takes on a lot of different areas tokenomacs. stoked youre here

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omg can I call u RWA king!!!
brilliant exp and i saw ur dune dashboard omg im ur fan since this moment!!!
so happy to be in CFG and get to know amazing talented dedicated ppl!!!
lucky to know uuuuuuu thank u for what u doing ahh :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


wow, you have a lot of experience in the field, so glad to have you in the CFG community! Big Welcome!