Information regarding collators on Altair

Altair Council Collator Selection Process

Currently on Altair, the collator selection mechanism is implemented through on-chain governance. The Altair Council would like to propose a Collator Selection Process for adding the first collators to Altair.

The Altair Council will begin by selecting 5 collators to add to the set - read on below to learn more about the selection criteria that the Council will follow and what to expect from the governance process.

In the future, once staking on parachains is more mature, we plan to propose to upgrade collator selection to a staking-based process.

Selection Criteria

  • Running a Validator on Centrifuge Chain
    • Era Points accumulated since inception
    • Slashing events
  • Running validators on other chains
    • Good track record accumulated for the past year (such as era points)
    • Higher weight given to nodes running on Polkadot, Kusama, or other substrate chains
  • Good reputation in the wider Altair, Centrifuge, Polkadot, and/or Kusama ecosystems

The governance process for adding collators to Altair will follow these steps:

  1. Post a collator introduction on the forum indicating your interest in becoming a collator for Altair & include links to data according to the selection criteria above
    • Deadline for the first batch is April 1 EOD
    • After the first batch all introductions are considered on a rolling basis
  2. Altair council will select the 5 highest scoring collators from the proposals and propose to add this set of 5 collators through on-chain democracy on April 4
  3. After a period of stability, the council will continue to propose 1-3 collators per cycle (1 month) to add to the existing collator set until a set of 20 is reached

Note: On-chain staking mechanism is in development, and this democracy-led collator selection process will transition to a stake-weighted process in the future


  1. Base Transaction Fee
    • already implemented on-chain
  2. Council will propose together with the selection of collators to allocate 2,500 AIR per collator per cycle (1 month) from the Treasury
    • if collators fall below 90% of the average block production time over a cycle, the council will propose to cancel the reward for that cycle and potentially also to remove this collator from the set
      The Altair Council would like to propose a Collator Selection process for adding the first collators to Altair.

There will be a Governance call the 7th April with a Q&A regarding collators so if you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the call.


Thanks for the thorough introduction of the process. Everyone who is interested to become a collator on Altair should post the introduction below:


Update to Altair Collator Selection Process
Thank you to everyone who has indicated interest in becoming an Altair collator! :dizzy: We are now moving to the next steps of the collator selection process. A call is planned on Monday May 16th with the Altair councillors to discuss the first set of collators. Once a consensus is reached, this post will be updated with a council proposal for the first set of five! Please stay tuned and thank you for your patience :slight_smile:


Sorry does this relate to KSM contribution to Altair that started a year ago? or is another Altair project? I participated to Altair but I have receive no AIR’s yet even though it’s almost a year . Is it still in progress ?

Good day COn1607.
This topic is not related to KSM’s contribution. I will reply another your message and provide you with full info there.