Altair Collator Onboarding Guide

Congratulations to those selected to the first set of collators! Below is a collator onboarding guide that explains prerequisite steps for new collators and governance actions that the council will need to make, at this stage the minimum self bond will be 100,000 AIR. Ensure that funds for the self bond are unlocked and transferrable.


  • [ Prerequisite - Collator ] Please paste your collator name and account ID below as a reply to this post, and set the onchain identity of your account to your collator name and include contact details

  • [ Prerequisite - Collator ] Sync collator with both Kusama & Altair networks (push to telemetry so can be verified)

  • [ Prerequisite - Collator ] Collator to Register Aura Session Key:

    Important that the collator keystore is populated with the Aura key accordingly

  • [ Council ] Create preimage with Collator Allowlist. Using batch to do all at once:

    Gather the preimage displayed at the bottom or from the event once the action is executed.

  • [ Council ] Now it is time to initiate the council flow to promote the proposal to a public referenda. There are two steps:

    • Create Council Motion with the following external majority proposal, use the preimage here
    • Once voting passed, the external proposal should appear in the democracy page
    • Now we open the “fastrack” (minimum is 900 blocks, 3h):
    • Once voting passes, the proposal should be in the public referenda, ready to be voted by the community. Its important that at least 1 Aye vote is in for it to go through, if there are no votes, then it will default to Nay.
  • [ Collator ] At this point each collator can submit on their own their candidacy, by using the same account the used to register their session key in the first step. Logic will load the correspondant session key as a allowed collator in addition to a bonding fee (Council will set new bond fee)

  • Next session the new collator set will be assembled


Hello @Ash, thanks for the update! I have two questions regarding the collator setup

  1. I have 100,000 AIR but most of them are vested, I supposed it’s ok to set them as an initial bond?
  2. Is there already any official collator guide for Altair or do we have to figure out correct node setup ourselves?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Action items left by Council

  • Set Desired Candidates to 5 through Council vote
  • Set Minimum Bond of 100,000 AIR

Collator Requirements

Instance Resources

  • At least 4vCPU
  • At least 16GB RAM
  • At least 500GB SSD

Altair/Kusama Setup

Current Release:

    --public-addr=/ip4/$(your-public-ip)/tcp/30333 //Helps p2p discovery
    --base-path=/data // or whatever 
    --public-addr=/ip4/(your-public-ip)/tcp/30334 //Helps p2p discovery

Hey :slight_smile: yes vested funds should be able to be used for the bond and @ImdioR has posted the technical guide above!

@ImdioR Thanks, that was really useful for the entire collator community :slight_smile:


Polkadotters are synced with session key set, waiting for council proposal now :slight_smile: Our address is kAK1sKzwNeN1KjcEfqP1z2NzMQnZXiJpdMzcfyP354W3SNAWg


Hello, our node is synced and session key is set and the bond is in the account.

our collator id: Staker Space
account Id: kALgqiYfBwX3oz7RDdv1zC5mdcWKpXpHGnmZFS3BKBM7ZokRX


Hey there,
collator is ready - fully synced - session keys set


looking forward to the council motion :wink:



Staking4All is ready.

Account is

Session keys are set

Node in sync.

Lets rock :sunglasses:


Awesome ! Congratulation and stay tuned!

Hey All…

Good KarMa is almost ready. We just need to procure the AIR to self bond to our collator. Working on that part now (it’s been tough since we’re based in the USA and AIR isn’t easy to come by for us Yankees :smile:)

:white_check_mark: Onchain identity set with contact details.

  • Collator Name: Good KarMa
  • Account ID: kAHcdUYjKwuXxVXuppCgqypRdjTu25vybaxkeRHaje9GmPy3g

:white_check_mark: Collator synced with both Altair parachain and Kusama relay chain and pushed to telemetry.

:question: I think we set the session key correctly. I presume this entails rotating the keys on our collator node and using the generated key as the session key? Please correct me if we’re wrong.

:o: Self-bond collator with 100,000 AIR. Happening soon…




Good KarMa is now ready.

:white_check_mark: AIR secured for self-bond and session keys set.




Hi All,


Node Synced

Session key Registered (0x264c0cf6baa313da9438f9e4d551d9255593b50eebb2e35cc7f483ecfba2fa5f)


Let’s rock Altair! :guitar:


Any update on next steps for the collator onboarding process?

Good day TheMarcus
We have reached the penultimate active step:

[ Collator ] At this point each collator can submit on their own their candidacy, by using the same account the used to register their session key in the first step. Logic will load the correspondant session key as a allowed collator in addition to a bonding fee (Council will set new bond fee)

Collators should register candidacy and lock the bond.


Hello Altair/Centrifuge Community,

for your information, cardinate Altair Node is synced.

Collator Session-Key set, on-chain Identity set and ready for Collator on-boarding / selection.

Collator Name: cardinate
Collator Address: kALWmB55PL92mR2TCGZN6trFafou6mww5wQ2v345c5c44MMBg
Collator Session-Key: 0x2e129adeaabb0c344d42c8b4713121ba0329006afc2b2f294d73ab4533ccb900

Best Regards

Good day Cardinate and welcome in Centrifuge/Altair Forum.
We already onboarded the first 5 Collators, so for now we are all set.
But please stay tuned with us and follow our announcement channel in case if Collators set will be extended in the future.

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Hello ImdioR, hello Community,

thanks for the welcome, our Altair & Centrifuge collators are online and both systems are always ready for service :slight_smile: