Altair Collator Onboarding Guide

Hi ImdioR, hi Community
We always online!

Hello All,
our collator id: VALIDATRIUM.COM
account Id: kAJvcdUQBeQyyFNMf5cqZuunz7QJb1iNXBBeDuaHidzLDWyYe

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Hi All,
Collator is ready and fully synced. Session keys are set
Collator id: STAKECRAFT
account id: kANggnPRwtCMbmHevsBNGwrFMawfgy985W9w8Jmfh32faorcT


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Hey everyone! collator is ready and session keys are set.
ID: kAHSkWuUJUDquS9mq1HNYSvC3SojLGvAHurwUxUoPz4a9UmuX
Thank you.

Hello Altair Team!

The Lucky Friday collator is ready and session keys have been set :four_leaf_clover:

Collator ID:

Account ID: kAHV8Wca7qmc2XmMMyAAeiQpP2VfUsUJnFc2z9NjaEzNBd8Dy

On behalf of the entire Lucky Friday team, I wanted to say thank you once again for this opportunity :handshake: