Treasury Proposal 1-10: Collator Reward July 2022

Hello everyone!

The first cycle of treasury proposals for Altair collator rewards have now been proposed, and is currently being voted on by the council :white_check_mark:

Councillors please vote on motions #26-35, which represent treasury proposals #1-10 :slight_smile:

  • Please note that motions #26-30 (treasury proposals #1-5) were submitted with an incorrect value, however the value is insignificantly low (0.0000000000000025AIR) and would not affect the payout collators receive

  • Motions #31-35 (treasury proposals #6-10) have the correct value of 2,500 AIR - which was the proposed payout for Altair collators as detailed here: Information regarding collators on Altair

Subscan links of treasury proposals:

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Treasury Proposal 1-10 (Council Motion 26-35) have all passed in the Council.

You can see the outcome on Subscan here.

The rewards will be paid out in the next spend period which will start the 13th August.

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