Altair Treasury Proposal 48-52: Collator Reward March 2023

Hello all!

The ninth cycle of treasury proposals for Altair collator rewards have now been proposed, and is currently being voted on by the council :white_check_mark:

Councillors please vote on motions #89-93 (treasury proposals #48-52)

Information regarding collators on Altair

Subscan links of treasury proposals:

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Council Motion 89-93 (Treasury Proposal 48-52) did not pass in the council as the threshold of voters was not met.

They have now been resubmitted as Council Motion 94-98.


Council Motion 94-98 (Treasury Proposal 48-52) have all passed in the Altair Council.

The rewards will be paid out to the collators in the next spending period which begins the 10th May at block #3,067,200 (today ~6.48pm CET).

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