InsurAce and Centrifuge AMA

We announced a partnership with InsurAce in January to list Tinlake on their dApp.

Now is your time to Ask Anything about how Centrifuge users on Tinlake can benefit from the InsurAce offer and InsurAce in general with @vagrantcrypto

The AMA is in the Centrifuge Discord Channel at 1pm UTC 23 March
InsurAce AMA channel. It’s voice only, but you don’t need to speak if you don’t want to. is a decentralized multi-chain insurance protocol, to empower the risk protection infrastructure for the DeFi community. Read more here has provided coverage to 91+ protocols, safeguarding over $200M DeFi assets on 14+ public chains.

It offers portfolio-based insurance products with optimized pricing models to substantially lower the cost; launches insurance investment functions with flexible underwriting mining programs to create sustainable returns for the participants.

Join us in the Centrifuge Discord in the InsurAce AMA channel at 1pm UTC with @vagrantcrypto from InsurAce and @katebee from Centrifuge

Navigate to the Centrifuge Discord and find the InsurAce AMA voice chat room

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You’ll see this image

See you there! :mountain_biking_man:

Please start with your questions here

Good day Kate

  1. I would like to ask if InsurAce company has already had insured cases/events?
    If so, were all cases resolved by insurance coverage, or were there negative cases?

  2. What are the company’s plans for the next 2-3 years (Milestones)?

  3. I see that you have a lot of partnerships. what partnership do you consider the most important and bigger? (except Centrifuge - Tinlake of course)