Treasury Proposal 16: Distribution of unclaimable AIR rewards

Good day Community! :raised_hand:

Unfortunately, there is a certain segment of users who were not able to claim their AIR for various reasons: Coinlist issue, double claiming issue and etc.

Despite the proposed solutions to the problem, as well as the comprehensive assistance provided by Centrifuge Ambassadors,Devs, and Team, these users were not able to receive their rewards.

Missed rewards list:

  • Altair Competition - 1 user = 2000 AIR
  • Bifrost contributors - 9 users = 25 295 AIR
  • Coinlist - 12 users = 15 780 AIR
  • Altair crowdloan (2021) - 1 user = 225.75 AIR

Total amount: 43 300 AIR

I would like to propose to request the total number of tokens from the treasury and distribute them among all eligible users.

Proposal Parameters

The proposal being put forward is the following:

  1. Request from Treasury 43300 AIR.
  2. Distribute missed rewards to all eligible users

Please note that this will be a direct request from the treasury and the total supply will not be increased.

The RFC topic will be open for 7 days.

After that, the Treasury proposal will be created, requesting 43 300 AIR to the wallet that will distribute the funds to the affected users.

Not that, there will be no snapshot vote (or public referendum) for this proposal - the funds in the Treasury are entirely up to the Council to manage.

Looking forward to any feedback and any concerns that you might have with this proposal.


Ciao Ivan. Thanks for the proposal. Everyone who participated in the crowdloan and showed his/her support for Altair should get the AIR-rewards. I fully support this RFC.

I assume, you have all addresses of the affected users?

To which address should the lump sum of rewards be distributed?

Hey @Tjure07, yes we have all the affected addresses (and the amounts they are due) so they will be distributed manually to each address.

Once the address, that will receive the funds from the Treasury (and hence distribute to the users), has been created, it will be disclosed in this post for full transparency.


Good day Tjure07

Yes, I have all addresses and the amounts that should receive by all affected users.

The wallet address (where the entire amount will be distributed) will be posted shortly after the distribution in a way that Community could control and check the distribution process.

Thanks @ImdioR and @Rhano for the transparent answers.

The affected users are looking forward to receiving their rewards! Will you inform the contributors in advance or communicate it to them after the proposal has been succesfully implemented?

Yes, of course. I already started to contact them.


As one of affected users I want to thank ImdioR for creating this proposal and hope that it will be accepted


Thanks for proposal. It’ fair enough for early contributors.


Thank you very much @ImdioR for the proposal and keeping us informed of the developments regarding this issue. Very much appreciated. I agree with and second (or third etc…) the aforementioned proposal. Thank you.


Thank you so much @ImdioR for the proposal, being so helpful, and not forgetting about those that encountered these issues preventing us from claiming AIR.

I fully support this proposal and think it is fair.

Thank you again.


You are welcome. Once the Poll will be ended I will ask one of the Altair Councillors to create a treasury request.

Will keep you updated in any case.

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I am very much in favor of this proposal. Some of these users have waited a long time to get the rewards so it is only appropriate that they receive them very soon.

As an Altair Councillor, I will vote in favor of this proposal in the Council.


Hello Community :hugging:
Thank everyone for the positive feedback that we received.
After 7 days of discussion, the RFC now will be closed and we will move to the next step.

The next step: A Treasury proposal, asking for the required funds, will be created. If the Treasury proposal passes in the Altair Council, the funds will be transferred to a proxy account.

We will keep you updated with the progress here in this post.


This is good news! :muscle: :pinched_fingers:

Everyone who had to wait for their AIR-rewards for that long will be very thankful. Could we have an update, once a) the proposal has passed and b) the distribution of the rewards to the recipients took place?


Yes, it is good news indeed!

Of course, the Community will be updated with the progress of this proposal.

We will also link to the wallet (that receives the funds from the Treasury) on Subscan, so everyone can verify the transactions, to keep it as transparent as possible.


Yes, definitely.
I am aim for a transparent and clear process as much as possible.

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Pushing this RFC too !


Good day SupDup44
The feedback from the Community is what we would like to hear.
Thank you for your support.

We have now created a multi-sig account where we will apply for the Treasury funds (43 300 AIR) to be transferred to. From there the funds will be transferred to the affected users - both @ImdioR and I will have to sign the transactions.

Multi-sig account: kAJGxpNZAkV98WcPQ5p5foeN4brV7MaSHTbnZ6mc5XQK3ndDg

Signer 1 (@ImdioR): kANb1XCjPSCnqdABJtQj12iVUS6sTAwY4PcQX3X32ZLhPT9aB

Signer 2 (@Rhano): kANbaVyXTPPKZgwkD1mQ34A6KDpubc7XGxBZUQ1vVUj9AYVHM

The Community will be able to verify all transactions on Subscan here.

There will be a total of 23 transactions (23 affected users) - but note that there are already some transactions made on the multi-sig account for testing purposes.

The Treasury Proposal has been created and you can see it here.

Altair Councillors, please vote at your earliest convenience.


Treasury Proposal 16 has passed in the Altair Council and the funds (43,300 AIR) will be transferred from the Treasury to the multisig account in the next spending period (starts the 7th October 2022).

As soon as the funds have arrived, we will start the distribution.

Thank you all for your patience so far - we are almost there.