Treasury Proposal 16: Distribution of unclaimable AIR rewards

Hello Tjure07


I had a question that had nothing to do with your topic, I hope you will be kind enough to try to answer it. I am on Polkadot.J.S and my Centrifuge CFG account was credited with 0.0001 CFG 6 months ago and since then nothing. Some people want my CFG address, others want to make a “bridge” …
Could you just tell me if Centrifuge has already done its distribution and if so what is the procedure to follow? Thank you in advance


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Hi Laurent, this is not the correct topic for this - there is a topic addressing your issue here.

But I assume your question is how to claim CFG from the crowdloan. The 0.0001 CFG you received is to pay for transaction fees when claiming.

Try following the instructions in the other post and see if it works.

:white_check_mark: We have now distributed all funds to the affected users mentioned in this proposal, except one Coinlist user (1315 AIR) where we couldn’t make the transfer to the provided wallet address.

Everyone else should have received their funds by now.

Unfortunately, we are not able to contact this user but we will give it until the end of October, and if they haven’t approached us, we will transfer the remaining funds in our multisig wallet back to the Altair Treasury.

You can check all transactions on Subscan here.

Thank you for your patience everyone :pray:


Thank you @Rhano and @ImdioR for facilitating this for us over the many months. Thank you for persevering and keeping us updated every step of the way. Very much appreciated!! :pray:


You are always welcome Shumba!

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You’re welcome @Shumba - and thank you for your patience!

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The one user didn’t get back to us, so we have now transferred the remaining tokens (1329 AIR) back to the Altair Treasury. We just kept ~1 AIR in the multisig account, in order for it not to get reaped.

You can see the transaction on Subscan here.

@ImdioR @Rhano @Tjure07 Could one of you provide some clarification on how the total number of tokens distributed as part of this treasury proposal were determined, specifically for Bifrost contributors?

I originally contributed 11 KSM to the Altair crowdloan using the Centrifuge/Altair crowdloan website (Altair Wins 9th Slot in Kusama Auctions | Centrifuge), receiving 5,203 AIR that I was able to claim right away.

I also contributed 32 KSM to the Altair crowdloan through Bifrost. After this proposal passed, I received 5,203 AIR from the treasury but don’t understand how I contributed almost 3 times as much through Bifrost vs the Altair crowdloan website yet received the same amount of AIR for both contributions.

According to a few of the medium posts about the crowdloan (such as FAQ: Altair Crowdloan. Here are some answers to the most… | by Kate Beecroft | Altair Network | Medium), users were to receive 400 AIR for every 1 KSM contributed. Shouldn’t I have received 12,800 AIR from the Bifrost contribution (excluding any of the bonuses)?

I apologize for not inquiring about this earlier. Appreciate any clarification, thanks!

Good day XanderCakes
Thank you for reaching us.

Yes, of course.
As I can see from the google spreadsheet your account was marked as:

  • Double-claiming issue
  • Swapping wallet address status - missed (I think that you missed the deadline for swapping of wallet address via the official website)

Once all deadlines were missed and nothing could be changed anymore onchain we create a separate google spreadsheet.
Your case was marked as a Double-Claiming issue - this is mean that you were not able to claim your rewards. In accordance with the information that we received and in base on your wallet address (Ghwxxxxxxxn5o) we found your contribution on-chain (via subscan) = 11 KSM.

1 KSM reward = 430 AIR we also add 5% referral and 5% early contributors bonus=> 11KSM*430+10%= 4730+473= 5203 AIR

The rewards were revised and for the contribution of 1 KSM you should receive 430 AIR.

Please DM all information regarding your contributions in DM and in case of error or incomplete distribution we will provide the solution to you.
Thank you.


@ImdioR Thank you, I will DM you with all the information regarding my contributions.

Good day XanderCakes and sorry for the delay.

Thank you for the information provided in DM.
Based on the information provided we found missed rewards ~ 7600 AIR.
GCG will create an additional Treasury request in order to refund your missed rewards.
You will find more information in the next message.

Good day Community.
Based on the new information provided and after verifying it we found that some of the users received less rewards than they should.

Treasury Proposal #37:

Amount requested - 15,000 AIR
Affected users: 4 ( Rewards: 2200, 1000, 4200, 7600 AIR )
In case of impossibility to transfer rewards to eligible users, unused tokens will be returned to Altair Treasury.

Multi-sig account: kAJGxpNZAkV98WcPQ5p5foeN4brV7MaSHTbnZ6mc5XQK3ndDg

Signer 1 (@ImdioR): kANb1XCjPSCnqdABJtQj12iVUS6sTAwY4PcQX3X32ZLhPT9aB

Signer 2 (@Rhano): kANbaVyXTPPKZgwkD1mQ34A6KDpubc7XGxBZUQ1vVUj9AYVHM

The Community will be able to verify all transactions on Subscan here .

The Treasury Proposal #37 has been created and you can see it here .

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Good day :wave:

The transfers have been completed:

@XanderCakes and other affected users can check their tokens in their wallets.
Remained 263 AIR will be returned to Altair Treasury:

Anyone could check transactions and amount of tokens transferred here: Subscan | Aggregate Substrate ecological network high-precision Web3 explorer

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the wrong amount.
The distribution of unclaimable AIR rewards now is closed.

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Good day
267AIR has been transferred to Altair Treasury

We have just transferred the remaining funds (267 AIR) in our multisig wallet back to the Altair Treasury.

A small amount of AIR is kept in the multisig wallet to keep it alive.