Treasury Proposal 16: Distribution of unclaimable AIR rewards

Hello Tjure07


I had a question that had nothing to do with your topic, I hope you will be kind enough to try to answer it. I am on Polkadot.J.S and my Centrifuge CFG account was credited with 0.0001 CFG 6 months ago and since then nothing. Some people want my CFG address, others want to make a “bridge” …
Could you just tell me if Centrifuge has already done its distribution and if so what is the procedure to follow? Thank you in advance


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Hi Laurent, this is not the correct topic for this - there is a topic addressing your issue here.

But I assume your question is how to claim CFG from the crowdloan. The 0.0001 CFG you received is to pay for transaction fees when claiming.

Try following the instructions in the other post and see if it works.

:white_check_mark: We have now distributed all funds to the affected users mentioned in this proposal, except one Coinlist user (1315 AIR) where we couldn’t make the transfer to the provided wallet address.

Everyone else should have received their funds by now.

Unfortunately, we are not able to contact this user but we will give it until the end of October, and if they haven’t approached us, we will transfer the remaining funds in our multisig wallet back to the Altair Treasury.

You can check all transactions on Subscan here.

Thank you for your patience everyone :pray:


Thank you @Rhano and @ImdioR for facilitating this for us over the many months. Thank you for persevering and keeping us updated every step of the way. Very much appreciated!! :pray:


You are always welcome Shumba!

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You’re welcome @Shumba - and thank you for your patience!

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