KuCoin AIR-Crowdloan distribution of rewards

This is a follow up on the Altair crowdloan for users on KuCoin. We heard several reports that contributors still haven’t received their AIR-rewards from KuCoin. This is an unpleasant and disappointing situation and we want to give you a short explanation on the circumstances and the next steps on how to proceed.

KuCoin received the AIR-rewards from Centrifuge and is in charge of the distribution of the crowdloan rewards. Centrifuge as a decentralized project outsourced the service to KuCoin and everyone who used KuCoin agreed to their terms of use. Unfortunately KuCoin didn’t distribute the rewards yet - for whatever reasons.

For everyone who still hasn’t received his/her rewards PLEASE contact KuCoin’s support asap and explain your situation (how much you contributed to the crowdloan and when). Raising constructive awareness on Twitter or other social media can help to solve the problem too. Once again, KuCoin is in charge because they took over the task and only they can solve this.

We as a community have the power to increase the pressure on KuCoin until they fulfill their duty and distribute the rewards. Despite the situation we should stay positive to succeed in our efforts and let’s avoid any FUD on KuCoin because this doesn’t help to solve the problem.

Thanks for your understanding and patience! :handshake: