AIR for Crowdloan participants who were not able to claim

There is a certain segment of users who partipated in the Crowdloan via Bifrost (6), some CoinList users (9), and 1 direct Crowdloan who were able to claim their AIR for various reasons.

In most cases, it was because there was a bug that blocked users from claiming the airdrop when they had already claimed their initial reward for the Crowdloan.

What we are proposing is to compensate these users with AIR from the Treasury for this inability to claim, in the respective amounts for each user.

Given that these tokens will be deployed from the Treasury, they will not be minted and will not affect the overall supply.

We welcome any questions or comments regarding this process before it goes to a poll.


I agree that everyone, who participated in the crowdloan, should receive the AIR-tokens asap.

How will the process look like: do we have to vote on each address or as a whole for all affected contributors?

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Ah right, I should clarify that. The on-chain referendum will be put through as a batch that covers all the affected addresses at once.

That makes sense and is the most efficient way to handle this referendum. Can you give us in the poll an overview

a) how many addresses/contributors are affected and
b) the total amount of AIR to be taken from the treasury?

Thank you Robert for the info.
I guess that eligible users should receive their rewards.
We already extended the deadline time more than 1 time, so we should definitely distribute rewards as soon as possible.
I Will vote definitely Aye for this proposal.

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Hello, I am a crowdloan contributor, I contribute 0.1KSM via KSM polkadot.js page and 4.5KSM from bifrost finance, and I just claimed 0.1KSM part and after searching the document, I need help to claim the 4.5KSM part, please help me, my address is h8BuWFSuKpLyQMF8MJD8YEfoHpnBsYaQKVuEBLtpUceTckG in bifrost and HyYsY5qNAKSMAjPWDn7cwAyDMFby92VeZHNmSmgy4EhLRTW in KSM. thank you.

@omegafattyasses : can you please verify if he is on the list of the missing Bifrost-contributors?

we need a dev to confirm this. i will reach out to them again. thanks for the heads up

Is there a timeline for this proposal to be voted on?

The exact process plus the timeline will be published once the proposal is open.

I understand, I was more asking about when the proposal would be open. Not the timeline of the process.

I understand your question and it is legit. First other upgrades need to be implemented in the system before this one will be initiated. As @omegafattyasses said he needs to clarify it with the devs how to approach this matter

Thanks for your patience

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Hi there,

I am one the ALTAIR SALP contributors who have a problem to claim.
I have done a contribution of 3,688 KSM directly on the ALTAIR website and i have claimed correctly my AIR on: Centrifuge: Real World DeFi
I have also done a contribution of 12,2517 KSM with SALP BIFROST with the same KSM adress and i confirm that here is a bug to claim.
Could you please revert to me with the solution proposed ?

My KSM adress is:

Kind regards,


Good day Jeffy26
I can not find your wallet address in the list.
Did you contact us before?

Did you swap your wallet address before the deadline?

I’m not sure if i can add you to the list. Please provide a new Altair wallet address (in DM) and i will send it to the Team member.