AIR Claims for CoinList Users

Hey CoinList Users!

Thanks for your patience! You are now able to claim your AIR tokens using the address you provided to CoinList :raised_hands:

You can claim your AIR using

3 Steps to Claim:

  1. Please navigate to the page and click “Claim AIR”

  2. Select the address that you gave to CoinList (Make sure that the polkadot.js extension is installed, this page is authorized, and the address can be used on any chain. Refresh the page after changing any settings!) Please note that the site will display your address in the Kusama chain format, but the AIR tokens will be available in your account on Altair!

  3. Click “Claim AIR” under your account address
    Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 9.10.48 PM

  4. Done! The AIR should be visible in your account in the Altair portal!

Please note that all AIR claimed using this method by CoinList users will have same vesting schedule as the crowdloan rewards: 25% is unlocked and 75% unlocks over the course of the parachain slot (48 weeks).


Update for users that already claimed AIR

Hey CoinList users! If you already claimed AIR from contributing to the Altair crowdloan and were therefore not able to claim your AIR from CoinList you can use the following link to submit a new address:
:point_right:Do not enter an address that has already claimed AIR rewards!

Please note that the deadline for a new address submission is Wednesday, 15th of December at 2PM UTC!

Only users affected by this issue will be able to submit a new address.
Also note: using an injected wallet address will make the claiming process easier!

Next Steps

  1. Submit your new address by the deadline on the 15 December 2021 at 2PM UTC
  2. An update will be made on Altair to the claims functionality after the submission deadline (stay tuned for the announcement!)
  3. Once the update is made, you can use the process described above in the original post to claim your AIR!

Please tell me about the situation in the photo - I press Claim Air, and it constantly gives an error.
I received tokens for the Coinlist in the form of wCFG and on July 16 they definitely were on my account. Help me please


wCFG-holders are unfortunately not eligible for the AIRdrop from Coinlist. Only holders of the native CFG are entitled to get the airdrop