Bifrost Contributors to Altair can NOW CLAIM!

Hey Bifrost Users!

Great news - Bifrost contributors can now use the Altair Crowdloan page to claim your AIR tokens :dizzy:

Please note, if you already claimed AIR using the same address you will need to be a little more patient. Thanks for your understanding :pray:

3 Simple Steps:

1. Navigate to the Altair Crowdloan Page

2. Connect the account that you used to contribute on Bifrost

Make sure that the polkadot.js extension is installed, this page is authorized, and the address can be used on any chain. Refresh the page after changing any settings!) Please note that the site will display your address in the Kusama chain format, but the AIR tokens will be available in your account on Altair!

Again, please note, if you already claimed AIR using the same address you will need to be a little more patient. Thanks for your understanding :pray:

3. Click ‘Claim Air’

Screen Shot 2021-11-30 at 9.10.48 PM

Done! The AIR should be visible in your account in the Altair portal


Update for users that already claimed AIR

Hey Bifrost users! If you already claimed AIR from contributing to the Altair crowdloan and were therefore not able to claim your AIR from your contribution using Bifrost - you can use the following link to submit a new address:
:point_right:Do not enter an address that has already claimed AIR rewards!

Please note that the deadline for a new address submission is Wednesday, 15th of December at 2PM UTC!

Only users affected by this issue will be able to submit a new address.
Also note : using an injected wallet address will make the claiming process easier!

Next Steps

  1. Submit your new address by the deadline on the 15 December 2021 at 2PM UTC
  2. An update will be made on Altair to the claims functionality after the submission deadline (stay tuned for the announcement!)
  3. Once the update is made, you can use the process described above in the original post to claim your AIR!

Ok so Dec 15th is gone for 4 days now and we don’t have a single news. When will we be able to try claiming again ?
If you can try to give us a rough estimation it would be fine at least.

You can try now mate. Just follow the instructions in this post :+1:

No it’s still does’nt work.

Main 1wallet: already claimed
My 2nd wallet with my swap addres: 0 to claim

Saw this post and got here. Still doesn’t work for me :sob:. This is making me doubt Altair’s execution efficiency :thinking:

Were you able to submit a new address using the swap link before the Dec 15 deadline? If so send me a DM with both the old and new address :slight_smile:

There was a fix released yesterday - could you please try again?

Hi, I guess I have the same problem. I also contributed via Bifrost and did the “swap address” thing before the deadline ends. But I am also not able to claim rewards.

Still 0 yesterday.
I try to stay calm but at some point it’s annoying.

Same problem here! Write an email to support , say me try again , but still the problem there 0 Air to claim. Its hard stay calm

You can send me a DM here or in Telegram, then I can better try to help you.

I would need a screenshot of your extension and your settings.

My handle in Telegram is @Rhanok09

done brother did it send by telegram.

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I see that the deadline for submitting a new address has passed, unfortunately I have been out of the country for two weeks and missed the deadline as I had no access to internet. I contributed with the same address through Bifrost and through the Centrifuge site, I’ve only been able to claim rewards from contributing through the Centrifuge site. Is there any way I can still claim AIR rewards that I should have received from contributing through Bifrost?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you used the same address and didn’t swap to a different new address before December 15th then unfortunately you’re most likely out of luck :frowning:

Is someone dealing with the issue globally and not 1 by 1 ?
I’ve tried again today, at least the 4th or 5th time, still 0 to claim on my 2nd address.

I’ve already given my addresses a few days ago to a TG admin, nothing better…

Hi I supported crowdloan via JS and bifrost. I missed the December 15 deadline for the swap address and think its a bit out of line to negate all bifrost contributions if we did not hear about this.

Honestly I would prefer the crowdloan AIR tokens but if there is absolutely no way, how can we free up the locked KSM tokens through bifrost if this is not an option. Not looking for anything extra, just liquidity so I can get involved more with some other projects. thanks,

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Hi rtorabi516.

You only should have provided a new address if you claimed AIR already with your previous address (as described above). In case you already used your address and missed the deadline it’s a pity for you. The deadline was announced on all channels and the process was described in detail.

Your original KSM are locked for the time of the parachain lease (96 weeks) but there is the possibility to use vKSM to contribute to other crowdloans. For more info on that I recommend the medium article from Bifrost Finance and their SALP-protocol:

If you have technical questions you should get in touch with them via Telegram or Discord

Yeah I don’t see any of this process for people who already claimed with a prior address and also claimed via Bifrost on any other channel except this forum. And that gave users one week. Oh well, will use some of the vksm functionality. Would have been nice having more ALtair tokens to use when stuff starts going live

We shared it on Bifrost TG 2 times, and on Bifrost’s Discord too… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: