Claiming AIR rewards from Kusama crowdloan

Good day Polblancoo
I already answered you in DM around 1 hour ago.
As I said Bifrost users still not received AIR , but soon will receive them once the proposal will be launched onchain.

More info you will find in our post here:


Please join us for Centrifuge & Altair Governance Call #3
When: 3rd March18:00 CET

Topics so far:

** LP Rewards Restructuring*
** RWAMarket Rewards Renewal*
** Centrifuge Governance: What is it and how can it be improved?*

  • ** Altair Bifrost claims corrected via Governance**

One of the arguments during the Governance call was exactly:

  • Altair Bifrost claims corrected via Governance

Thank you for your prompt response, I’ll look for the thread. GREETINGS

You are welcome, feel free to contact us.
Probably in the next few days, the proposal will be launched. I will tag you here.

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Hi there, anyone has received AIR’s for participating to Altair? Has it completed or still in progress. Completely forgot and now I can’t find anything related to Atair. It’s been almost a year now

Good day Con1607
You can claim your AIR tokens for KSM crowdloan.
Here you will find a manual on how to do this:

If you still have any questions feel free to ask. Best regards.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I am able to see my account and the reclaim option but whenever I hit the reclaim button, enter pwd and tick the 15 min option, I get the message ‘Somethin went wrong, please try again’ . That’s how I’ve spent my half morning clicking and restarting computer etc. I can see my account, and Polkadot.js extension already installed and authorized in any page. I don;t know what to do. See error message attached

I tried a different computer, restored the account using the json file. Even though I’ve restored the account on other computer, I cannot see my account when claiming AIR’s so must be something I’ve missed. I don;t know what else to do. Also I’m not an expert, just a regular guy who staked KSM for ALTAIR a year ago and cannot claim it.
Can you please help? thank you

Good day Con1607
Did you set up your wallet according to the manual?
Do you have any AIR already in your wallet? (Your AIR balance in your wallet is 0 AIR?).

Thank you
I have the account created in Is this the wallet you refer to? Or I need to create a wallet? My account shows 0 AIR balance, that’s correct. I’ve attached a screenshot. My apologies, I know it’s not an excuse to be ignorant, but I have not much idea about how this things go. Much appreciated your help. I followed all directions given by now. But probably I’ve missed something


I guess you mean to create an AIR wallet to my KSM account as per attached? is that what i need to do? I keep looking for manual of how to create a wallet but all links are issues related and no manual as such. Is this what you men? adding AIR to my KSM account? thank you

You should not create anything.

If your account type is SR25519 you should follow this tutorial:
If your account is of type “sr25519” (created directly on the portal instead of using the Polkadot.js extension), use these instructions instead :point_down:

You should set up your wallet :
0. Your account type should be injected (please check the tutorial above)

  1. You should use Chrome/Mozzila
  2. Please switch off all other extensions like clover, phantom and etc.
  3. Set up your wallet Allow to Use in any Chain or Kusama relay chain
  4. click claim.

Don`t worry. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

Thank you . I followed the instructions and saved the backup and added it back and same error. See pic 1. What I’ve also noticed is that when I 'm trying to claim, the address listed starts with 5 , but none of my other accounts (see pic 2 and 3 ) starts with 5. I’ve highlighted them. I’ve added a question mark to highlight that the option to save backup is not there anymore. I tried to do it again on a different computer but isn;t working anymore. Is this a one time only option? Anyway it didn’t work for me . Not sure what to do now.

This is a different representation of your wallet address in different networks: Kusama, Altair, and Substrat.

You should be able to claim. Please try a new browser (chrome/mozzila) and disable all other extension.

Also please try:

Substrate - Kusama
Substrate - Allow use on any chain
Kusama - Kusama
Kusama - Allow use on any chain
Altair - Allow use on any chain
Altair - Kusama

After all changing please press F5 and try to claim

For more information on addresses please read the guide below

Thank you again. Previously I’ve used chrome . Now I’ve downloaded Firefox and tried unsuccessfully. Then I’ve tried all Settings combinations, as per your suggestion. I had to updated metadata on a few occasions . The only way to make it work ( so I can see my account when trying to claim) was with the options : “Default for connected node Altair 136” for Altair, for Kusama “kusama relay chain (2)” and for the claim page to have it on “kusama relay chain”. None of the browser o works , regardless of the setting. Same error. “Something went wrong, please try to claim again” . It’s getting frustrating now. I do appreciate your help.

If you are from restricted countries please try to use VPN or if you are using VPN please switch it off.
If nothing will help DM me your wallet address I will try to double-check with Core Team your case.

Thank you. I’ve just message you

Good day Con1607, yes, replied already

Anyone else has still issues claiming AIR for Altair and finds no proper support here ? I’ve been trying to claim my AIR for the last 2 weeks unsuccessfully. I get the error ‘ something went wrong . Please try again’ tried vpn , deleted account and reinstated it, changed the settings for Substrate and still same issue . It’s a sr account

I closed the other topic to continue the troubleshooting here, to prevent the forum to be spammed