Bifrost Contributors to Altair can NOW CLAIM!

Any updates on the situation please ?
The swap process obviously didn’t work, so What’s next now ?

We are several to still have unclaimable pending AIR as both polkadot.js and SALP contributors.

Thx in advance. @Rhano @cassidy

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Hi @rtorabi516 @SupDup44 @XanderCakes

We discussed the issue internally. Please send your Kusama-address you used in the Bifrost-crowdloan to [email protected] to look into it if the swap functionality and the claiming can be enabled again.

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Email sent

Thanks for following up

I was in touch with @ImdioRCKZ on TG, i provided him the needful information for my personal case.

I also shared the information on Bifrost for the remaining impacted users:

So i hope everyone will get the information :slight_smile:
Let’s return these AIR to home !


my KSM address is CishCbTV7nA7c6juUmwc6TsyibDvmp1y5giHqB9vj8xWpmS

Any news guys ?
I tried again but i still can’t claim my part.

Thx in advance.

Hi SupDup44.

@devin : can you give an update on the Bifrost claiming for him?

I’ve been told by ImdioR CKZ to retry.

So I retried and… still 0 to claim. :dizzy_face:

I’m among the 3 users that cannot claim…

I can’t claim either. Hope we can get them before transfers are enabled :crossed_fingers:

Hi Santos.

Did you send your address already to one of the mods or ambassadors in Telegram?

The devs are looking into each case

ImdioR CKZ is dealing my case on TG as previously said above :innocent:

At some point i’m thinking you should make a simple transfer and stop trying to solve the claim issue.

@Tjure07 It worked for me! ImdioR CKZ reached out and asked to try and it worked this time!

Thanks to Rhano as well for helping me throughout


Shout out to Rhano and ImdioR CKZ

Congratulation !
Feel free to contact us.

I was able to claim my additional tokens. ImdioR thanks for the time and effort.


You are welcome! Feel free to contact us

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I had been in touch with @ImdioR on TG and provided him with all the information. For some reason my notifications for the forum were turned off so I just saw this. I’ve checked periodically since talking with him and have still been unable to claim. Last I heard from him was about a month ago, end of February.

Please advise on the next steps :slight_smile:

Hi XanderCakes,

Sorry for the delay but the crowdloan-contributors on Bifrost will get their tokens soon. A proposol to distribute AIR-tokens will be inititated soon.

Stay tuned a little bit longer…

Good day XanderCakes

Please check this topic:

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