Update: Fix expected soon for Parallel, Bifrost, and Equilibrium user CFG crowdloan claims

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we try to solve the issue of the last crowdloan claims on Centrifuge!

We have identified the issue and we expect a fix to enable claims for Parallel, Bifrost, and Equilibrium users to be live by May 6.

If you are interested to read the details :point_down:

The reason these users are having issues is because of the way that these platforms work to submit the crowdloan contribution. On the Polkadot relay chain we see the address of the Parallel, Bifrost, or Equilibrium team multisigs as the contributing address, and not the user addresses. This means that we had to update claims on Centrifuge chain to add the actual user addresses (which we can also verify on the Polkadot chain associated with each contribution). Unfortunately even though everything was updated correctly on Centrifuge chain, there is an issue with the way the claims page checks these addresses. Don’t worry, we are working on the fix and it should be ready soon.

Thanks again for your patience!


Hey everyone,

This fix has been made.

Please see the Claiming Guide for info on how to claim How to claim CFG rewards from the Centrifuge crowdloan on Polkadot

Thanks for your patience


Hi, I contributed to the crowdfunding of through Parallel Finance.For the crowdloan I used the address of polkadot.js 14QR8RJBwLwRgeo1XYoyxE1pNTvB6QPeThyymEMpNtx786XS As the address of Centrifuge Parachain corresponds to 4ekAS8nhmpRbJmMi8iUqYfb7dw4m514PFZvhuqWf3gMfFrFN
You report that the problem has been solved but I have not received my tokens. What is happening?

Did you claim your tokens successfully from the claim page? If you did, your tokens should be in your wallet.

Everything is already OK! I had not set my account to “Allow use in each chain”. Thanks!


Good day Stan Tod
Amazing! Congratulation on successful claiming.
Did you already check our future plans and roadmap?
If you have any other questions feel free to ask us.

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