2022-May Centrifuge Monthly Summary

2022-May Centrifuge Monthly Summary

Welcome to our monthly summary of activities, events and updates from the Centrifuge Ecosystem!

The month May brought many council motions amongst others the selection of the first 5 collators on Altair! This news and much more will be covered in this summary.

Key Metrics

  • 85.6M+ Total Value Locked
    • 21.8M via MakerDAO
    • 8.6M via RWA Market
  • 147.9M Total Assets Originated


  • Let’s start with some news from the Ecosystem:

Polkadot Ecosystem talks, hosted on May 9 in Berlin, about “Building metaverse and NFT infrastructure” with Anna (Pools and Partnerships manager)


  • Partnerships:

Very excited about the partnership with Flowcarbon where DeFi is used to scale the carbon credit market. This is a real world use case!

Another big step into the direction of mass adoption: Bitcoin Suisse integrates Centrifuge into its vault and is helping to bridge DeFi/RWAs for their clients!


Plus this strategic partnership with the crypto and blockchain investment firm BlockTower which brings new institutional capital to Centrifuge.



  • Active pools (active pools present a summary of their pool)
  • Pool Onboarding Proposals (is the category where new pools submit their POP template and allow the community to give feedback on the proposal)
  • Discussions (for updates from existing pools and introductions of new pools) and Pool Party Announcements

While you’re at it please take a look into the Intro to RFA Bank of Canada!

Twitter news:

Glad to see a lot of support from the community every month on Twitter! :pray:t2:


  • This month’s governance call covered an update of the POP-process by Colin, news on the crowdloan claiming plus the chain migration and a demo of the governance manual.

  • Ongoing governance proposals:

(1) The poll for the POP-process has closed and will move to the on-chain referendum next

(2) RFC: CFG rewards adjustment to rebalance the reward ratio between TIN and DROP. A poll will be opened next

(3) The poll for the formation of a credit group has closed and will move to the on-chain referendum next

Please actively participate in the governance process, comment on the Request for comments (RFCs) in the forum, cast your vote on polls and especially use your CFG for on-chain referendums!

If you are not familiar with the process check out Rhano’s manual

  • Passed council motions for Altair:

(1) Council motion 7: Proposal for Runtime Upgrade 6

(2) Council motion 9: Opening HRMP channels between Altair and Karura

(3) Council motion 11: Setting amount of collators on Altair and their bond

  • An important update to the Altair Collator Selection Process. The Altair council selected the first 5 Collators for the Altair network!!

Congratulations to Polkadotters, Good Karma, Pathrock Network, Staking4All and Staker Space!

Protocol :cyclone:

6.2M Pool Value

Product & Engineering

  • Product updates:

Check out the new series of regular product updates with the first ones covering Pools on Centrifuge Chain, a preview of the new Centrifuge dapp and the differentiation between pools, tranches and tokens in Tinlake.

Here is an insight into what the devs for Altair are doing: how to create an asset from an existing NFT and price it

News from the MakerDao community: the cornerstone agreement to enable on-boarding of RWAs via the Centrifuge protocol is completed


And last - but not least - a reminder: “Real world assets are how you earn consistent yield in DeFi with much less exposure to broader crypto market volatility” :point_down:t2:

Stay tuned for the next monthly update!

Do you have any ideas, feedback, or comments? If so leave them below or get in touch with the team, our ambassadors or moderators in Discord!


Thank you for the monthly summary! :partying_face:


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