Governance manual

:classical_building: The word “Governance” is something that many people are familiar with - but not everyone knows how or where to participate in it.

:coin: Both CFG and AIR are governance tokens, which means that you can use your tokens to participate in the governance process. For example, you can second proposals, vote on referenda and council members (explained in the manual).

:five: The process is the same for both Centrifuge and Altair and there are roughly five steps from when someone gets an idea to a change, until it is implemented:

  1. Request For Comments (RFC) → off-chain proposal in the Forum
  2. Create poll → off-chain in the Forum
  3. Create proposal → on-chain in the Portal
  4. Vote on referendum → on-chain in the Portal
  5. Enactment → on-chain

:dart: This manual aims to give you an understanding of these five steps, written in an easy language and supported with visuals and screenshots. Not every aspect is covered (yet) and I have tried to keep it as simple as possible and covering all the important things.

:bulb: After reading this manual, you will know how governance on Centrifuge/Altair works, where it takes place and how you can use your tokens to participate - it is easier than you think.

:scroll: You can find the manual here.

Feel free to ask questions and add comments/feedback in this post.


awesome work @Rhano :dizzy:


Absolutely! Good to have TWO educators in the ecosystem to educate newcomers and everyone else who wants to be educated


Thank you @Rhano for making this! Really amazing work that shows how anyone can get involved with governance.

I’m glad to have natural teachers such as yourself as part of the Centrifuge community.