Centrifuge Governance Call #9 2022-09-15

The Centrifuge and Altair Governance call is the place to discuss the direction of Centrifuge and Altair and RWAs.

In this call we’ll discuss:


  • The vision for the decentralization of Centrifuge
  • How we’ll use SubSquare & OpenSquare
  • New rewards for Tinlake.
  • The POP (Pool Onboarding Proposal) Version 2
  • Centrifuge and Altair Collators!

If there’s an important topic you want to bring up, please write it in the thread below!

Your participation is crucial…and valued so don’t be afraid to speak your mind. We also have POAPs for governance call attendees :trophy: and there are exclusive Centrifuge NFTs waiting for those that bring good vibes and robust debate… :smiley:

How to join

:point_right: Use the zoom link

:point_right: Add to your calendar

Join us to discuss the future of RWAs - made possible by the Centrifuge Protocol :clap:


Wow ! Cool NFTs on OpenSea :star_struck:

I think i won’t be available (Ber Blockchain Week party on Sept 15th), but i’d like to add some pts about decentralization:
Can we imagine any kind of gov participation incentives in the future ?
I think the level of participation is too low currently, we could imagine something cool arounds NFTs like it has been greatly done on Kusama: Proof of Chaos — Free NFTs for Voting on Kusama Twitter: @GovPartRewKSM


Hi SupDup44.

Thanks for your comment. Don’t worry, the call will be recorded and posted as always.

I agree with you, the governance participation can (and should) be higher to give the community more power to shape the future of the protocol. :facepunch: To reach this goal, several initiatives (Integration of Subsquare for Centrifuge and Altair, Incentivize governance participation with POAPs and NFTs) were taken already.

I like the NFT-approach on Kusama, partnered with Singular. That’s awesome, I will take a :eyes: into it

I think that the NFTs are a great contribution, additionally it would be good to attract more community giving greater utility to the ALTAIR/CFG tokens, since currently we are only waiting for news, cheers

Hi hachibi.

Thanks for your feedback. To increase the token utility a proposal is in the works. Please take a look into it and leave your comments if you have any questions



Since last governance call:

Proposal to integrate Subsquare passed and integrated
Proposal to increase transaction fees and implement token burn (poll passed and will be implemented with Runtime Upgrade 1012)


Proposal to mint Tinlake rewards (RFC)
Proposal to mint RWA Market rewards (RFC)
Open HRMP channels to support USDT, Axelar USDC, aUSD (Council Motion 24 is being voted on by the Council)


Runtime Upgrade 1012 (increasing fees, fees going to treasury 80% and burning + general improvement + Allowlist & Collator Selection pallets)


Since last governance call:

Runtime Upgrade 1018


Runtime Upgrade 1020 (Council Motion 36 is being voted on by the Council)



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