Upcoming Runtime Upgrades on Centrifuge and Altair (1012 & 1020)


The coming days, we will propose two Runtime Upgrades - one on Centrifuge, and one on Altair. Both upgrades will contain important updates and you will find a short description of each of them below.

CENTRIFUGE (Runtime Upgrade 1012)

:mag_right: This Runtime Upgrade will contain the following updates:

There were various feature & performance improvements since our last version of Polkadot/Substrate/Cumulus. We will always try to, as much as possible, keep up-to-date with the Polkadot framework repositories.

Following this RFC and this poll, the base fees will be increased 33 times. This means that the tx fee for a common balance transfer will go from ~0.00008 CFG to ~0.0026 CFG. In addition, part of the fees will go to the Treasury (80% to the Treasury and 20% to block author).

As a step towards having more clarity for clients that use the protocol, every fee (deposit or one time fee) will be known before a correspondant extrinsic is called, hence knowing upfront (aside of the tx fee) if there are any additional cost to such operation.

These two pallets enable the posibility to start onboarding community collators in the Centrifuge network.

ALTAIR (Runtime Upgrade 1020)

:mag_right: This Runtime Upgrade will contain the following updates:

The Github release tag for this upgrade is 0.10.20-rc2


The Councils will first propose the Runtime Upgrade on Altair and then on Centrifuge.

As soon as the Council motion has been initiated for the upgrade on each network, we will keep you posted with the governance process in their respective sections of the Forum:

Altair: Proposals - Centrifuge Governance Forum

Centrifuge: Proposals - Centrifuge Governance Forum


Council motion 36 has passed.

The vote for referendum 12 is now open for 17 300 blocks (~3 days and 5 hours with an average block time of 16 seconds) so you can use your AIR tokens to vote on it.

:ballot_box: Vote on Subsquare: Initiate Runtime Upgrade 1020

:ballot_box: Vote in the portal: Initiate Runtime Upgrade 1020

See the referendum on Subscan here.

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  • :abacus: [Adapt tx fees on Altair by aprox. a factor of 33 and transfer some % to the treasury]

Was successfully implemented :partying_face:


Referendum 12 has passed with a SimpleMajority at block 1349217.

Thanks, everyone for voting!