Democracy Proposal: 2022-07-25 Runtime Upgrade 1018

Democracy Proposal: 2022-07-25 Runtime Upgrade 1018

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The Community proposed a public referendum for Runtime Upgrade 1018 on Altair. The details of the upgrade can be found in this post.

The referendum will be enacted as soon as the proposal will be endorsed (Post will be updated)

  • See the motion in the portal here (while it is open).

  • See the motion on Subscan here.

  • See the Github release here .

The steps for the process will be as follows:


  1. Create pre-image of call parachainSystem.authorizeUpgrade with hash from release
    :point_right: 0xa39344b58d564e70b9843fb03b7053f8564d5e94b74ec13f86b7ebff963c4036


  1. Submit Democracy proposal using the hash from the pre-image above
    :point_right: 0xf8a57986cb322be0baf7ae7e43890f5013f7af24afaf3b444c383e7ea4ee069b

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  1. Public referendum will be available for all AIR token holders to vote on. The voting period will be 50400 blocks (~9-11 days with an average block time of 16 seconds)

This post will be updated as we proceed through the steps.

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Remember, that you don’t lose your AIR by voting on referenda - they are just locked for the duration of the vote. After that, they will be available for transfer again. You can make your vote count for more by voting with conviction which means that you can vote with up to 6X the amount of tokens you have, by locking them for a longer period of time.


If you want to know how voting with conviction works, you can check this manual .


Proposal 0 has become a public referendum that all AIR token holders can vote on.

Referendum 11 is now open for 50400 blocks (~9-11 days with an average block time of 16 seconds).

Vote on the referendum here.

See Referendum 11 on Subscan here.

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Referendum 11 has passed with a SuperMajorityApprove at block 1360800.

Thanks, everyone for voting!

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Hello everyone,

The above Referenda 11 will be enacted in ~ 1h.
It was initiated by the following extrinsic.

All the best,


Validation function applied

Thank you all,

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