Subsquare integrated for both Centrifuge and Altair

:tada: :fireworks:
We have now integrated Subsquare as our new User Interface for governance after positive feedback in the RFC and Poll!

Let’s take a look at what this integration means for our governance process.

To begin with, not all features will be available in the UI - they will be added gradually over time. Right now, we can use it for the following:

On-chain governance

:white_check_mark: Endorsing proposals (previously called seconding)
:white_check_mark: Voting on referenda
:white_check_mark: Creating treasury proposals

Note that all of the above functionalities can still be done via the Polkadot Portal under Governance. Subsquare and the Polkadot Portal are just two different UIs to interact with the blockchain(s) - Subsquare is just a more user friendly version. Everything you create in one of them, will automatically appear in the other as well.

Off-chain governance

:white_check_mark: Snapshot voting (is replacing our Forum polls)

The snapshot voting (also called OpenSquare voting) is probably the biggest change that come with the integration. If you don’t know what snapshot voting is, I recommend reading this post describing it in details.

What features are in the pipeline?

The following features will be added in the short term with the estimates in brackets:

:point_right: :card_index: User profile pages including user governance activity statistics (this/next week)
:point_right: :bell: Subscription and notifications about governance events (within a month)
:point_right: :spiral_calendar: Customisable calendar for both on- and off-chain events (within a couple of months)

Other important features that will be added later on are:

:point_right: Creating public proposals
:point_right: Creating council motions
:point_right: Voting for council members

These are more complex integrations so they will take longer (no other project has them integrated yet either).

Where do I find Subsquare UI for Centrifuge/Altair?

Centrifuge Subsquare:
Altair Subsquare:

To start using Subsquare for governance, you need to connect your wallet first.

Press Login (make sure your Polkadot.js browser extension is allowed access to the site), select the wallet you want to login with, select your account and sign the transaction.

In the next window you can choose to enter your email to receive notifications (only if someone replies to your posts or tags you - the notifications for governance events mentioned earlier will have to be subscribed to separately, once they are live) or click Remind me later.

We are really excited about this integration and hope it will increase the participation in governance and make it a more user friendly experience.

If you have any questions, you know where to post them :point_down:


Hi Rhano. Thanks for the transparent overview and the introduction of the tool. Looking forward to the first proposals going “live” on Subsquare and I am sure, the active participation in the governance process will increase due to the user friendly UI.

Are you going to update the “Governance manual” as well?


Thanks mate - I actually already started editing the manual to adapt it to our “new” process. First I need some screenshots to add to the manual for the voting part so we need a referendum to go live first before that can be done.


I wonder how I can use it for several accounts but one e-mail