SubSquare now supports subscriptions to on-chain events

It is now much easier to stay updated with on-chain Governance proposals on Centrifuge and Altair!

Back in September, we announced the integration of SubSquare and mentioned that some features will be added gradually over time.

Now we can add Subscription and notifications about governance events to the list of implemented features.


SubSquare now supports subscriptions to on-chain events so users can get notified via email when new on-chain events are created and stay updated with their progress. Currently it supports Treasury Proposals and Council Motions. Within the next month, SubSquare will also support subscriptions to Democracy events (Public Proposals + Referenda for token holders to vote on).


:one: Go to Centrifuge Subsquare or Altair Subsquare and log in by connecting your wallet.

:two: Click on your wallet address in the top and select Settings.


:three: Under Account, you type in your email, click Verify and you’ll receive an email shortly after where you have to confirm your email.

:four: Under Subscription, you can specify which types of notifications you want to receive and then click Save.

Now you will get notified automatically every time any of your selected events happen on-chain.

Note that you can also choose Notification in the menu; this is if you want to be notified when someone replies to your posts or tags you in a post.


This is just one of many steps to make our Governance more clear and transparent for our community. We know that it can be hard to keep to track of all Governance activities so there are more improvements in the pipeline - stay tuned for more announcements.

Feel free to ask your questions below and suggest other improvements you think would contribute to making our Governance more clear and robust.


UPDATE 21/11/2022

SubSquare just released a new update (version 2.4.4) which contains the following:

  • Subscription/notification for Democracy events and Technical Committee events.
  • Gov 2.0 support.
  • Home page menu foldable.
  • Fix history referendum votes by the nested delegations bug.

The subscription for Democracy events means that you can now get notified whenever a public proposal is submitted and new referendum is up for a vote, in addition to Council Motions and Treasury Proposals that were already enabled.

You can see all the changes on GitHub here.

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