RFC: Proposal to integrate Subsquare as Governance UI (duplicate)

Short summary

Integration of Subsquare as UI for governance.

High level objective

The purpose of this proposal is to:

  • Make participation in governance more user friendly and straightforward
  • Increase participation in governance
  • Create a better overview of (previous, current and upcoming) governance processes

Governance is a crucial part of Centrifuge/Altair and important decisions should always go through both an off-chain and an on-chain governance process, where the community is involved.

Currently, our off-chain governance takes place here on our Forum (RFCs and polls) and our on-chain governance takes place in the Portal (endorsing proposals, voting on referenda/motions etc.).

Many people have expressed that the portal is not the easiest to use and navigate in, so in order to address that issue and gather all governance activities in one place, we would need to integrate a new UI. Furthermore, many other Polkadot/Kusama projects use a governance UI.

Description of activity

Based on our own research and the feedback of other projects, I would like to propose to integrate Subsquare as our new interface for governance activities (both off-chain and on-chain) on both Centrifuge and Altair.

There were two candidates for the choice of UI - Subsquare and Polkassembly - and we had a presentation of both during two of our previous Governance Calls.

  • See the presentation of Subsquare here (2:20 - 15:20).
  • See the presentation of Polkassembly here (27:40 - 49:30).

I recently reached out to the Governance Facilitators of five different projects (Acala, Moonbeam, Hydra, Bifrost and Kilt Protocol) and all projects highlight the responsiveness of both teams behind the UIs.

At first glance, both UIs seem very similar and in many ways, they are. They both offer the same essential governance features (making proposals, voting on referenda, polls etc.), they both have the option to customise a lot of the features and their menus are roughly shown the same way.

The choice fell on Subsquare because it seems a bit faster than Polkassembly (more responsive) - this is also something that I gathered from the feedback from some of the projects.

You can see how Subsquare looks on Polkadot here. Note that our UI might look different, depending on what features we chose to implement.

Currently, the only limitation on both Subsquare and Polkassembly is that it is not possible to create Council Motions and vote for councillors - but this is something that is in the works and will be added in the near future.

Subsquare will also be ready for Gov2, once we decide to adapt that.

Alignment of the mission of Centrifuge DAO

If decentralization is something we want to achieve, and not just something we talk about, I believe it starts with robust governance and transparency. Integrating an easy-to-use UI is an important step in that direction.

Some of the advantages that integrating Subsquare will bring to our governance process are:

  • Easy user interface to participate in governance
  • All governance activities will be in one place
  • Clean overview of all previous/current/upcoming on-chain events
    • proposals, referenda etc.
  • Calendar function
    • to see off-chain events (like Governance/Community Calls) in addition to on-chain events
  • Snapshot voting
    • for off-chain polls
  • More transparency
    • you can see a description of the referendum you are voting on
  • Notification system
    • you will get notified when a new referendum is open for vote etc.


In around a week - or once there has been enough discussion around this topic - there will be a poll here on the Forum for whether the community would like to see Subsquare integrated. If the poll passes, I propose we start the process immediately after (integration will take around one week after we have initiated it) and that this integration be paid for by the Centrifuge Network Foundation out of existing reserves.

The price for integrating Subsquare will be:

One time fee of $10K for each chain, so $20K in total.
Monthly maintenance fee of $700 for Centrifuge and $500 for Altair.

I would like to hear feedback from the community regarding this proposal. What are your thoughts about integrating Subsquare? And what features do you think are important to include?

Please post your comments/questions below.

This proposal concerns both Centrifuge and Altair so it has been posted in both Governance sections of the Forum.

However, the discussion will take place in the Centrifuge Governance section here. Please comment on the proposal in that post.

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