2022-April Centrifuge Monthly Summary

2022-April Centrifuge Monthly Summary

Welcome to our monthly summary of activities, events and updates from the Centrifuge Ecosystem for April!

After the parachain launch, Centrifuge became an official member of the Polkadot-family!! This big news and much more will be covered in this overview.


Let’s start with some media coverage:

(1) Here is the recording of a webinar from Blockworks on “The Future of Tokenization” with Lucas


(2) On Twitter spaces Centrifuge discussed on “The future of financing” and showed climate change is a threat to the society and damages the economy too.


  • Another step to protect the climate is a partnership between Centrifuge and Flowcarbon to scale the voluntary carbon market (VCM)


  • An overview of the leading real-world asset protocols with Centrifuge!


  • Finoa, the gateway for institutional investors and corporations, supports the Centrifuge Parachain launch migration


  • Coinavalon covers five trends that will transform DeFi in 2022 with two topics Centrifuge is focusing on: interoperability and real asset tokenization through RWAs


  • Another episode of Token Terminal’s series covering an interview with Colin!


  • The 24th Community Call was a special edition about Pools on Centrifuge chain! CTO Jeroen gave a deep dive into the tech behind the Centrifuge protocol and provided an outlook of what we can expect from pools on Cent chain.

The recording is here

  • Welcome to our new ambassador DrCAO! With his background as a professor in computer science he brings a lot of knowledge to the community!

If you don’t know it yet, the introduction category in the forum is a space for everyone’s introduction! :point_down:t2:


Tell us a little bit about yourself (Who you are? What brought you to crypto and what you like about DeFi and especially Centrifuge)

  • Job opportunity: Centrifuge is looking for a People Ops Lead to work with k/factory (the self-managing organization)

  • Kirill from New Silver with a company update for the NS-pool on Tinlake:


  • Thanks to our educator Rhano for covering complex topics in a comprehensible way. His newest manual explains the governance process. As well he posted FAQs on staking, crowdloan rewards etc. after the parachain launch

If you are new to the ecosystem or you are looking for some answers I recommend browsing through the user manuals & guides

  • Twitter news:

The Dotsama Hack Conf in Amsterdam took place from April 20-23 and Centrifuge didn’t miss the event


Simply the truth…does someone want to mint this tweet as an NFT to eternitize it on the Altair blockchain??


Anna tweets why she is - and everyone else should be - excited about the upcoming pools on Centrifuge chain!

Barely any monthly summary without tweets from Pats Hardi and PeterG, true CFG-OGs…


  • The 4th Centrifuge & Altair governance call took place on April 7 and included a demo of the governance UI by Subsquare, a teaser of the decentralized pool onboarding process (POP) and Q&As on collators.

Watch the recording here

-Crowdloan claiming (a user manual is posted in the forum)
-CFG-token utility proposal (see below)
-Integrations to grow liquidity in Centrifuge

  • Ongoing governance proposals:

(1) Introducing the Pool Onboarding Proposal (POP) to decentralize the onboarding of RWAs into pools

(2) A proposal for additional CFG token utility to improve the protocol with the main ideas to turn on protocol fees and staking on pools

(3) Here is a community-driven proposal to increase transaction fees on Centrifuge chain and burn the fees to reduce the circulating supply

(4) Poll on the formation of a Credit group to analyze and risk assess pools on Tinlake

(5) Enable AIR/aUSD listing on Karuraswap with liquidity mining rewards taken from the treasury

(6) The distribution of AIR for crowdloan participants who were not able to claim

Please actively participate in the governance process, comment on the Request for comments (RFCs) in the forum, cast your vote on polls and especially use your CFG for on-chain referendums

If you are not familiar with the process check out Rhano’s manual

  • Passed governance proposals:

(1) Council proposal to change the bridge account
(2) Runtime upgrade 3 - Enabling Crowdloan claiming

  • Well done and congratulations to Yaroslav and Ash as newly elected members of the Centrifuge council! :partying_face:

  • Cassidy introduced previously the Collator selection criteria for choosing Collators on Centrifuge chain. Thanks to everyone who showed his/her interest in becoming a collator! :point_down:t2:


The same goes to all collator introductions for Altair! :pray:t2:

Protocol :cyclone:

  • 85M+ Total Value Locked
    • 20.7MM via MakerDAO
    • 8.9M via RWA Market
  • 137M+ Total Assets Originated

Product & Engineering

  • Product updates:

Colin gave an insight into the strategic Framework for scaling Centrifuge with its three pillars Ecosystem, Community and Protocol and answers the important question “How can everyone in the ecosystem create value for Centrifuge”?

The NFT-playground went live on Altair! Everyone can mint, sell and create a collection of their most favorite NFTs. A documentation on how to use the playground can be found in Devin’s article.


Jeannice gives the answer to the question “what happens to an asset when a borrower defaults and is unable to pay back the loan"?


This is an important proposal to enable transfers on Kusama between Altair and Karura to open a kUSD/AIR-pool on Karuraswap


And last - but not least - a vault from MakerDAO was used to finance a real estate financing-deal with Tesla. This highlights the importance of RWAs for businesses.


Stay tuned for the next monthly update!

Do you have any ideas, feedback, or comments? If so leave them below or get in touch with the team, our ambassadors or moderators in Discord!


Is there any way that we could host the monthly updates on a website or blog or something? I love them and it’s great to see everything that’s happening, but the format on the forum is dreadfully hard to read.

Thanks for always putting them together!


Thanks for Monthly Summary Christian


Thanks for the feedback, zerocool. We are looking into this to present the monthly summary in a “better readible” way


What is the status of the burn mechanism? Other than burn, how do CFG holders earn a return on investment?

The RFC for the Additional CFG Token Utility gained enough comments and separate proposals for both the protocol fees and the Staking in pools are going to be prepared. The main idea behind the staking mechanism is that CFG-holders who staked to the pools could receive a network reward from the protocol fees of the pools.

Please check the governance section where the proposals will be posted

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