Ambassador Introduction: DrCAO

Hello everyone, I am DrCAO, now professor in Computer Science since 2016, my research is mainly in the data science, AI and Bioinformatics. My hobby is in the crypto and investment, and I am fascinated by the Web 3.0 as the next generation of internet.

I have explored different chains in Web 3.0, and Polkadot stands out from those with so many developers in the eco and so many interesting projects, and of course, the Web 3.0 is proposed by the founder of Polkadot Dr. Gavin wood. A lot of people may still don’t fully understand that crypto evolved, from the bitcoin that you can only trade using blockchain technology, to a new era that will have real applications. The DeFi and NFT are now changing a lot of fields, and I really like the project with real applications, like the Centrifuge that connects the DeFi with the real world assets, so that in the future, users including small and medium sized enterprises can get investment easily using Centrifuge, and that’s also why I participated the crowdloan of Centrifuge.

With a little bit tech background, I would be interested in running validator in Centrifuge, I can implement discord bot, and do some data analysis. With a little bit education background, I am glad to educate others in Web 3.0, and help others!

My contact: Discord - DrCAO#1508, Telegram - @ahjxcrz. Please reach out if you have any questions!


Welcome DrCAO and impressive bio! I am sure you can help to boost Centrifuge’s ecosystem to new levels as an ambassador!

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Welcome DrCAO!

As a fellow educator, I am hoping we can do some collaboration to make the different aspects of the Centrifuge/Polkadot ecosystem more clear and understandable to the community :handshake:

Glad to have you on board!


Welcome welcome! Love to see a web3 educator in our community :sunglasses:

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Thank you so much! I am so glad to meet you here and will try my best to help :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! Glad to be here!

Thank you Rhano, yes, I am looking forward to the collaboration with you in the near future!