Content Creator & Community Member: Claudio (KryptosChain)

I’m Claudio and I run the Youtube channel KryptosChain since early 2018 and have been a Polkadot fanboy since late 2020 soon after its launch on exchanges and before the Kusama auctions kicked off. I have since followed the updates closely and have done videos on different topics during the Rococo testing days.

I’m also a fan of Centrifuge and a holder of CFG and love the idea behind the project bringing RWA to Web 3.

It’s an innovative idea and it’s the only project in the Polkadot ecosystem doing it and as of lately it’s been proven to be number 3 in terms of development activity which gives me confidence for the future of Centrifuge throughout this bear market, not to mention all the funding the team have been receiving to top that confidence up !

If you have any questions about me or would like to chat, feel free to hit me up on Twitter @KryptosChain or Telegram with the same username.

Good luck !


What a pleasant surprise to see your introduction in here Claudio! Thank you for introducing yourself to the rest of our community and for all the energy you put into creating content about the Polkadot ecosystem.

And congratulations with becoming a Polkadot ambassador! :partying_face:

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Claudio in the house! :pinched_fingers: :v:

Thanks for your introduction - although true OGs in the ecosystem should know you :wink:

As well your constant support through the bearmarket. True supporters come and stay!

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