Centrifuge on Kusama?


I am just learning about Centrifuge, this project sounds very exciting as unlike most crypto projects I can see something tangible coming out of this one :wink:

As far as I’ve read up until now, Centrifuge is targeting Polkadot, aiming to bid for a Polkadot parachain when these become available. Although Polkadot has test networks, people say that Kusama is the “real” testbed for Polkadot apps because it has the same parachain auction mechanisms as Polkadot, as well as actual economic dynamics (real KSM has value unlike testnet DOT). In other words, the standard deployment path for Polkadot apps envisioned by the creators of Polkadot is to deploy on Kusama first.

Is a Kusama deployment also a possibility for Centrifuge?


You are making a lot of sense.
I am guessing Centrifuge will launch on Kusama first. Seems likely but I have no idea. I would love to hear from the team. Also I would like to know what quarter the Rad tokens will be released to exchanges?


I listened to the community call below, in which it is stated that Kusama is not in the current plans, but it was not categorically no.

However the argument presented made sense to me: it would probably be complicated to have pools which span multiple networks, and having some pools on Kusama and others on Polkadot may also be undesirable.


Yes, you are right, for now it’s just not a big focus - splitting liquidity across chains is hard and there’s a lot of extra overhad. Our vision for cross-chain DeFi is actually that these tokens can move between chains very easily anway, so Asset Originators who use Tinlake on our parachain on Polkadot can still bridge their DROP & TIN tokens to Kusama via a bridge where users can then buy and hold them.


Thank you for this explanation. Indeed the whole point of Polkadot/Kusama is chain interop. An interesting consequence may be that these tokens will probably be traded on Kusama first, since that is where the earliest parachains (and hence exchanges) will be, correct?


Would be great indeed to see a Centrifuge spin-off project on Kusama. Let’s call it… $SPIN :grin: