Centrifuge for Polkadot Council

Centrifuge is one of the most active teams in the Polkadot ecosystem. Since launching Centrifuge Chain in April 2020, we’ve been live in production with a PoS chain on an early version of Substrate. We are also excited about the prospect of parachains. Our team has contributed several components to the community. As part of our continued participation in the Polkadot ecosystem - we now submit our candidacy to join the Polkadot Council.

Centrifuge has been building with Substrate since August 2019. We have received grants for the Go Substrate RPC Client Implementation and Ethereum Bridge Development. We have built custom pallets for a multisig as well as for NFTs. With a council seat we aim to foster an active DeFi community on Polkadot, and encourage collaboration between chains through cross-chain communication. We want to promote the research of privacy preserving technologies and advancement of other interests for projects building on Substrate.

We are interested in the continued success of the Polkadot ecosystem and want to contribute more to this community. We believe our participation will add value to the Polkadot community and hope that you support us by voting for our candidacy on the Polkadot Council!

The Centrifuge Council Seat will be proxy account with a number of our core team members as signers:

  • Cassidy Daly
  • Philip Stanislaus
  • Lucas Vogelsang

Vote for Centrifuge: 13vKLQJ3m47Yqmc5N8NSUmbqDpwQBwZHx6mxe4SnMAKEPRvx

Resources on Centrifuge:


Very interesting @cassidy


I am new to this. Could it be possible to get some instructions on how to vote for Centrifuge?


how exciting!! any timelines for the launch?

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@noone what do you mean by vote? I presume this is done by staking DOT in the parachain auctions. New to this also so hope I’m answering your question correctly.


Awesome guys! 2021 is going to be hug for this lot

Nope, voting with DOT it’s for a parachains slot. They are asking us to cast a vote on the council seat members. I’ll need to check how you can do that.