How to see your CFG balance after migration to parachain

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Centrifuge’s migration to parachain started 2022-04-05 08:00 UTC and will take ~24-36 hours. This means that all transactions on the standalone chain are disabled in that period while all data are being transferred from the standalone chain to the parachain.

The last step of the migration is to remove the sudo key which will enable transfers on the parachain, including claiming of CFG rewards from the crowdloan (which is scheduled for the week of 11th April if everything goes smoothly). You can read more about the launch process and stay updated with the progress here.


After the migration, you just have to make two very small changes to see your CFG balance, transfer tokens, participate in governance etc.
When you wanted to make transactions on the standalone chain in the Polkadot portal, you would go to LIVE NETWORKS → CENTRIFUGE.

After the migration you will use POLKADOT & PARACHAINS → CENTRIFUGE. To make sure your balance is shown in the portal and you have access to all the functionality, you also have to remember to change the chain of your account in your Polkadot.js browser extension. See the screenshots below to see what you are going to do differently.







If you don’t see your tokens in the portal, or you don’t see “Centrifuge” in the extension (but only “Centrifuge Chain”), it is most likely because you have to update metadata first.

Then follow the steps above again.


If you want an explanation of how accounts and wallet addresses work in the Polkadot ecosystem, you can check this post.


If you want to see your transactions on the new parachain, you have to use the new version of Subscan. If you want to see your transactions on the old standalone chain, you have to use the old version of Subscan.

New version of Subscan:

Old version of Subscan:


If you follow the steps above, you should be able to see your balance in the portal and once the migration is fully done, this is where all the transactions will take place.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.


Awesome and very easy to understand! I recommend everyone new to Centrifuge to browse through the “User manuals & Guides” to step into the ecosystem

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Many thanks as always Rhano !


when i switch to the centrifuge still can not see my balance, in addition, when i coppy and paste the adress to the subscan and switch there to the centrifuge it says “you dont have any accounts”. could you please help?

Hi caner. That cannot be right. Did you make sure you copied the right CFG-address into Subscan?

If your account is empty you don’t have any balance

The Centrifuge Subscan only shows balance for CFG tokens - not DOT. Since you haven’t claimed your CFG from the crowdloan yet (will be possible from next week), there is no balance in your wallet and that’s the reason they don’t show up on Subscan or in the Portal (both screenshots you have attached).

Once you have claimed your CFG with this account, you will be able to see your tokens there, so don’t worry.

thanks dear Rhano for your precious help.

You’re welcome mate - next week, after you have claimed, you will be able to see the numbers you have been waiting for :grinning:

Hi, it’s worth noting that this guide doesn’t work for Ledger users. Ledger still needs to apply an update if I’m not mistaken.

Hi dpapaso.

Yes that’s true but the update is in the works. The newly integrated Ledger app should work for Centrifuge as well


Very happy with the support! Will the team continue to support the Centrifuge app on the Ledger or should we transfer our CFG to the address on the Polkadot app?


You are welcome. Yes of course. The Ledger integration is an integral part of fund security and it will be working again soon. You don’t need to move your funds from the Ledger account

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I am trying to follow the instructions here, but must be missing something simple. I clicked on “Claim Rewards”. The website now indicates that the rewards are claimed. When I click on “View on Subscan” it says, “…The extrinsic related to…is not found”. I apologize if the answer is already on here and I’ve missed it. I’m finding this whole process extremely confusing and would really appreciate some guidance here. Thank you in advance!

Hello Enginerd6183
You can check your rewards here:

You are probably looking at the old Subscan - check this post to see where you can find your tokens.

You might have to update metadata in the portal first - you can do that here.

Good evening,

This process has been so frustrating for me. Does it matter that I already had purchased CFG? Do my rewards not go to the same wallet? The link I clicked says that I do not have an account.

Okay, now all of sudden it popped up and appears to have my rewards plus the old balance that I used to have. Is there no longer staking? I was staking previously.

Glad to hear you figured it out.

No, there is no more staking as there are no longer validators to secure the network - there will be collators instead. The security is provided by the Polkadot Relay Chain validators to all parachains. Hence, there are no reasons to stake CFG tokens to secure the network.

However, there are other ideas for utilities of the CFG token that the community currently is discussing. You can find the ongoing discussion here. Feel free to join with input if you have any good ideas.

Thank you for the guidance and clarification! Random question… I also participated on KuCoin for the CFG crowd loan. Any idea when those CFG become available? Couldn’t find anything online about it. Thanks again!

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No problem mate. Contributions through exchanges are entirely up to them when they will distribute - you would need to contact them directly to find out when you will receive your rewards. Only they know.