How to claim CFG rewards from the Centrifuge crowdloan on Polkadot

Hi harry1210.

How to claim on Parallel Finance is described in this guide but right now it’s not possible yet. There are some technical issues which need to be solved.

A solution is round the corner.

Thanks for your prompt reply, please keep me updated when we already able to claim it through parallel finance.


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Sure ! We will inform the community once claiming issue will be fixed.

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Thanks everyone for your patience, we expect the fix to allow Parallel, Bifrost, and EQ users to claim to go live soon.


I claimed my CFG rewards. where can i find them? how long does it take to receive?

Hi Micael. Did you follow the steps from the guide?

Maybe this post can help you too

I didn’t really follow these steps, I just clicked on “claim rewards” and gave permission through polkadot.extension. If I did something wrong can I lose my rewards or will they be returned?

now it appears to me like this

You cannot do anything wrong - either you can claim or you cannot claim. Follow the instructions provided for claiming and afterwards seeing your rewards in your wallet.

It’s fine when the “Rewards claimed” appears. Now you can check your rewards in the Polkadot.js portal

I’m not figuring this out. It says rewards claimed on centrifuge .io.

I had my wallet connected. and nothing is in my wallet. It has been 2 days.

Hi @kwest406,

Check this post to see how and where to see your tokens. If you claimed successfully, then they are in your wallet.

:cyclone:Good day Centrifuge Community :cyclone:
We are happy to announce that issue with claiming CFG rewards for Parallel Finance, Bifrost and Equilibrium was fixed! Contributors via these mediums can claim their rewards.

Claiming page: Centrifuge Parachain Crowdloan | Centrifuge: Real World DeFi


Hi, sorry in advance

I don’t know if this is the way to ask for help, and i don’t know if it could be useful for detecting bugs related to the distribution of rewards:

I have contributed with 440 (220+220) in Paralell Finance having 5,584.64 CFG rewards, according to Paralell Finance. But in i have Zero CFGs:

This is my wallet subscan link:

This is happen right now, after the liquid DOT Plaforms problem solved message.

BTW, I 've checked that the wallet is the same, update metadata on polkadot.js, etc. And also checked with Paralell guys via discord that everyhing is ok

Yes, it is that, thanks .
I’m still waiting for the AIR thing.

Good day Apagon
If i`m not wrong we talked with you in DM and via Support.
I guess we already solved your issue. If you have any other questions feel free to ask!

Good day Polblancoo
In DM we solved your issue.
I provided to your wallet some CFG to pay transaction fee and, as you confirmed, you successfully claimed your rewards.
About the AIR issue, I completely understand your disappointment and solving time really became very long.
We are waiting for confirmation of some information from the Team side and once we will receive it we could proceed with POLL - Proposal and finally distribution of your rewards.

I would like to ask you sorry for the delay and this issue.
If you have any other questions feel free to ask me or any other Ambassador.
Best regards.

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Hello, I hope this find you well.

I’m writing here because I’m having problems with claiming the centrifuge auction’ rewards procedure.
I have contributed to the centrifuge auction directly and by parallel finance as well. The issue is that Centrifuge parachain crowdloan is only showing me the amount of dot that I contributed directly to centrifuge, Sadly, I could not find the way to see and claim dots that I contriuted by PARALLEL FINANCE. What should I do?

I hope you can help me to sort this out.

Kinds regards

Good day Diegopaez93
Can you send me your wallet address in DM or in discord?
I will take a look at what is going on.

good time to everyone! im trying to get my reward on centrifuge site. pressed claim and need put the password in my polka json ext. trying to enter the password and all the time have the same that unable to decode using the supplied sure password is correct.thanks in advance for help.

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