How to claim CFG rewards from the Centrifuge crowdloan on Polkadot

To enter your account you need to use the password you set after the account creation. Did you write it down savely?
Are you in possession of the seed phrase and/or the json.backup file?

You can reset password only if you have seedphrase.

  1. Install a new browser (portable version) Chrome or Mozilla
  2. Install only 1 extension Polkadot.jst
  3. Add account via seedphrase.
  4. Setup a new password.
  5. Try to claim.

reinstalled all. it works now.thanks a lot for your assistance!!!

You are welcome, feel free to ask :wink:

Hello, I contributed to the crowdloan via Parallel, but when I go to /parachain/crowdloan/, it says I have no rewards to claim. Is there someone who can help?

Good day Researchruns
Did you follow our tutorial?
Claiming page: Centrifuge Parachain Crowdloan | Centrifuge: Real World DeFi


If you have more than 1 wallet please select the right one (which one you did the contribution).

Hi Imdio,
Yes. I followed the tutorial. I connected the account that I used to contribute to the crowdloan and I set the account to “Polkadot Relay Chain”, but I don’t see my CFG rewards. Is there something else that I’m failing to do?

Can you send me your wallet address in DM? I will check. Thank you.

Solved successfuly in DM.

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hello, help me pls !
i staking some CFG on Centrifuge Standalone [Archived] before, but i cant cancell the stake.

maybe I need some CFG to unbond ? pls tell me how can fix it, thanks!


Hi Wong.

Staking is no longer possible on the parachain and all staked CFG were unbonded from the standalone chain. No need to cancel the stake or any further actions

By checking the new version of the Centrifuge-explorer (as described in the manual) you can see your balance is there

Hi @ImdioR please can you help me claim my rewards from the Centrifuge Crowdloan page? When I access I can see my total rewards but the claim button just spins around and never loads so I can’t claim them. Thank you. I would have DM’ed but seem to be unable to :confused:

Good day Riversjar
You can contact me in DM in Telegram or in Discord as well.

Discord> Imdior_CKZ | CFG#8610

Hi I just click on claim and cancel transaction because decide to to it later. now looks to be claimed, So I dont know what I can do. I Like to contact someone too.

Hi Marek. OK but why do you want to claim later?

You can check your wallet address on Subscan if the CFG-rewards arrived. They should after pushing the claim-button

I am on claiming wallet Polkadot relay chain. 13QECcsLFWzKUgXXLCzMgZduRtktgJkLdb5x9HpZgjoLtGhn . Can you check
it for me please?

Hi @Trimir,

I just checked and your tokens are successfully claimed and in your CFG wallet - check this post to learn where and how to find them.

Good day MrRobot
If you need any help feel free to ask us

Hi, on the website it says I have already claimed my rewards.
This is my polkadot relay wallet - 13NRFZjW7LrKzN8adsbCSe8BXzj1757d3TBeK46sxMr4xK8F

Good day Gyan
As I can see you successfully claimed your rewards.
Now you can check them in your wallet on Polkadot - Centrifuge.