Centrifuge Collator Selection Process - Part 2

Good day everyone :wave:

We successfully tested the 2nd onboarding of Collators on Altair and we are pleased to announce the 2nd onboarding of Collators on Centrifuge!

The second set of five collators for the Centrifuge chain has been selected!

Below is a collator onboarding guide that explains the prerequisite steps for new collators and governance actions that the council will need to make. Please ensure that you have a minimum of 30,000 unlocked CFG available for the self-bond.

The second set of 5 collators selected for the Centrifuge chain:

Congratulation to all new collators and welcome to Centrifuge! :hugs:

Current collator set: Polkadot/Substrate Portal

Thank you to everyone who applied for the second set of Centrifuge collators.

We would like to emphasize that the onboarding process is still not finished yet and we would love to onboard external collators in a way to have a more decentralised process.

Please note that anyone who has made an introduction will still be considered in future selections!


very happy to have been selected. thank you


On behalf of Lucky Friday I would like to extend our team’s gratitude for the selection. We look forward to continuing our support of the Centrifuge team and chain! :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks for selecting us! Can’t wait to work more closely with the Centrifuge protocol :slight_smile:


This is fantastic news. Good KarMa Capital is honored and grateful to have been selected to be a Centrifuge collator. :raised_hands: :pray:


Collator name: PathrockNetwork

Collator-ID: 4dhELME7nNUWCPABmnmi3SemXGT73ddwYPdC3YhrPXNnf4gP

onchain identity: PathrockNetwork


Collator name: Polkadotters

Collator-ID: 4dCqn4vxVhWm15TFTUGxF6UrNx6zm2VDnS7RAHYFX3mov24q

onchain identity: Polkadotters


Collator name: Staker Space
Collator-ID: 4espAcemnrZFFadoG1GxQoG8afsHaXwsDD3zcwgVdtqwMgjj
onchain identity: Staker Space

Thanks for trusting and selecting us again! Our nodes are synced and ready to bond.


Collator name: LuckyFriday.io :four_leaf_clover:

Collator-ID: 4eFbaV5CVrMPbcCz4doL2DGsW2jNKcgyAuhQ33Wimwobq1b3

onchain identity: LuckyFriday.io
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Collator name: Good KarMa

Collator-ID: 4e4PpJu8hkKqW56DUVpku1XEti2oFvbAUYSyLokFqPqbmjhS

onchain identity: Good KarMa


@pmensik there doesn’t seem to be an on-chain identity connected with the provided account.

Can you please submit it? Thanks.

Corrected, thank you!

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Good day, Community!
With onboarding 2nd batch of external collators Centrifuge became more decentralised:
Total: 13 Collators
Centrifuge: 3
External: 10

Welcome onboard!

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