Centrifuge Collator Introduction / Application

Hello all!

My name is Ryan aka “The Phunky One” across most socials (Discord, TG, Twitter, etc) and I am the Director of Fellowship and Protocol Relations with Lucky Friday. Although we are a newer name among the Polkadot community, our team is a combination of Web2 datacenter veterans and Web3 natives. Our CTO, Will, aka Paradox from Paranodes.io is a member of the Kusama Council and well-known and respected among the validator community.

With regard to hardware, we have operational presence in 6 countries around the globe and are continuing to build out our infrastructure, hopefully soon in the global south and other areas around the world that do not have a major presence. As Web3 enthusiasts, we all believe in the mission and ethos of decentralization, which is why we run our own wholly owned, co-located bare metal servers that are optimized for blockchains. Furthermore, all of our servers are housed in Tier 3 SOC2 / CCSS compliant data centers, thereby guaranteeing the highest echelon of safety and security for our server racks.

We currently support over 18 chains in the Polkadot ecosystem, as well as blockchains outside our ecosystem (MATIC, ETH, POKT, etc). Although we are focused on the Polkadot ecosystem as we build out our core customer base, as fans of interoperability we are continuing to build out our presence in the Cosmos ecosystem as well.

Our team is excited to be included in the second set of Altair collators, and we hope to serve Centrifuge as well due to our entire team loving the vision and mission of putting Real World Assets on chain. If you need anything from our team, please do not hesitate to ask!


Ryan/Phunky :handshake: