Discussion: Levels of Engagement of the Centrifuge DAO

In the Founding Document: Levels of Engagement, voters agreed that three levels of engagement accurately represented the different levels within the Centrifuge DAO.

The objective of this discussion is to review that decision and by reflecting together, discover if this concept is helping us meet our needs and mission and to brainstorm new ways to bring clarity to ‘who is doing what, and who can do what’ in the Centrifuge DAO.

Discussion: New Levels

The idea of there being ‘levels of engagement’ in an organization is not new. We know that in hierarchical organizations there are a great many levels. This does not mean though that in decentralized organizations there should be no levels or boundaries. How we choose to organize and design our way into thriving decentralized organizations should not be the result of ‘doing the opposite’ of what hierarchical organizations do. Instead we can look to the design constraints and opportunities that we have, and treat them as our first principles, rather than simply reacting to or creating false binaries.

In Elenor Ostrom’s 8 rules for commons, Number 1 is:

Commons need to have clearly defined boundaries. It is particularly important that these boundaries define who is entitled to access what. Commons need a specified community of benefit, otherwise a resource risks becoming a free for all.

The original levels (Daily, Active and Passive) can be confusing because of the very close overlap between daily and active contributors, and due to the realization that if one is ‘passive’ one is not contributing and thus should not be named as a ‘passive contributor’.

The existing founding document refer to:

Daily Contributors: These are people or entities who contribute to the protocol and or DAO on a daily or near daily basis. They form the foundational working groups of the DAO, working actively and consistently to achieve Centrifuge’s shared mission. These contributors typically work on Centrifuge full-time.

Active Contributors: These are people/entities who actively contribute to the Centrifuge protocol and/or DAO. These contributors engage in forum discussions, governance calls, token voting, pool launches, integrations, and Centrifuge promotions.

Passive Contributors: These are typically community members who hold tokens but are not actively engaged in the project and thus not invited to the DAO Slack or Core Contributors call.

There may be a clearer way to segment our contributor groups by having TWO levels - that of ‘Active Contributor’ and ‘Inactive Contributor’.

The two levels

Active Contributor

Active Contributors are token holders who are actively stewarding the protocol and ecosystem should be given the title of Active Contributors and higher levels of access to information and strategy via the Centrifuge Slack and Active Contributor Call.

They can use the title of Active Contributor at Centrifuge when dealing with external parties and representing Centrifuge. See more here for the guidelines for representing Centrifuge.

Inactive Contributor

An inactive contributor is someone who has indicated interest of some kind but who is not actively engaged in the DAO but who do not have access to higher levels of information and activity

Why are Active Contributors so important?

Active Contributors uphold the processes of the Centrifuge DAO and drive it’s activity.

They contribute to the development of the protocol, marketing and other various functions. The list of people/groups who would be included in this category would be:

  • The CNF team
  • Ambassadors
  • k/f team
  • Moderators
  • Credit Group members, Governance & Coordination Group members, Protocol and Engineering Group members, and members of any other groups that form
  • Partners
  • VCs
  • Protocol and DeFi partners
  • Collators

What are the criteria for becoming an Active Contributor?

Active Contributors are those shaping the direction of Centrifuge. They are CFG holders as well as major contributors to the protocol. Active Contributor status could be gained by doing a number of the following points:

  • By being an ambassador
  • By investing in Centrifuge
  • By introducing new DAO members to Centrifuge
  • By having high and quality participation in governance
  • By bringing assets and capital to the platform
  • By ensuring the security of the protocol
  • By championing Centrifuge in other DAOs, networks and ecosystems
  • By technical development of the protocol
  • By being a member of one of the groups in the previous list

Overall, an Active Contributor is someone who is clearly committed to Centrifuge and shows their commitment through action. They should display an understanding and commitment to the Shared Mission to bring the world of credit onchain, and is generally someone whom we trust and who does not pose undue risk to Centrifuge.

This is a significant role: our goal is for Active Contributors to help guide and develop the Centrifuge protocol and community, however, they have no additional authority (i.e. all proposals are still privy to the defined Governance Process, which anyone can participate in and any token holder vote in).

Please deeply consider if the person you wish to invite meets the above criteria. If they are a big supporter but have no time or capacity to be Active, let them know they could be an Inactive Contributor (see more below).

What is an Inactive Contributor and how do I become one?

If someone is interested in contributing but there is no availability they can ask to be listed as an inactive contributor that is open to opportunities.

  • No special access

  • Recommend introducing yourself and sharing your professional experience

  • Be part of a pool of candidates first in line to be considered for opportunities

How does an Active Contributor move to Inactive?

If an active contributor decides to stop contributing on a regular basis for whatever reason they are moved to the inactive contributor level. This indicates that they, at some point, were contributors, but that things have changed. This could mean they took another role, divested their stake in Centrifuge, stopped being a technological partner, or, more generally, no longer fit the criteria listed above.

Alternatively, if someone is interested in contributing but there is no availability they can ask to be listed as inactive contributors that are open to opportunities.

Who can invite an AC and what is the process?

Any Active Contributor can invite another active contributor, the process is as follows:

  1. Identify your proposed invitee and chat to them about the level without guaranteeing that they will be invited
  2. If they indicate interest go to #new-member-invitations channel and propose them, stating how they meet the criteria and why you want them to be given the level
  3. Your proposal will be considered by the Governance and Coordination Group (GCG) who seek advice from other DAO and Governance coordinators.
  4. If approved, please send the new AC the invitation text below and ask them to make a forum introduction here.
  5. The GCG will ensure they are invited to the correct slack channels and to the Active Contributor monthly call
  6. Lastly, please intro your invitee in the slack #general channel with some words of welcome

A new potential role to support the Levels of Engagement: The Opportunity Master

There has also been discussion about adding a new role to the DAO: the Opportunity Master.

The deliverables of the Opportunity Master might involve:

  • Manages the entire active contributor list
  • Follows up with passives/formerly interested parties
  • Helps understand compensation options and paths
  • Mentors and guides: connect to the group leads, the groups and opportunities and links people to opportunities
  • Makes personal connection and introductions and in the process learns about the individual who is being connected
  • Creates and maps opportunities do jobs in the DAO

If you think this sounds like a helpful role (or not) discuss below, if you are interested, please let me know below…

And please let me know your thoughts on this discussion before it moves through the next stages of governance! :vulcan_salute:


:hammer_and_wrench: Ambassador Guidance!! :rocket:

As a relatively-new Ambassador it’s challenging for me to judge our Contributor Developement process outside of my experience so far…But, I can say that this proposal does reflect the issues we have discussed in our group calls, and an Ambassador “Coordinator” role does feel like an appropriate solution. This proposal clearly demonstrates AC’s understanding of both problem and solution.

I offer to continue “facilitating” Ambassadors’ calls going forward and submit myself for consideration of the Ambassdors:Opportunity Master role.

I agree that the scope of work proposed would greatly benefit the DAO, with clear focus on developing value generation from the Ambassador working group specifically.

Thank you all for consideration, and feel free to reach out to discuss further.


However I understand the concept of this role in a preliminary stage of the governance process I recommend another title such as “Prospect Contributor” for example to show that a DAO member is not an Active contributor yet.

If a former Active contributor doesn’t want to (or can’t) be active any longer, the role could be taken away entirely as well.


Very great idea and it will be a model for other project with a DAO structure. Nice job

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Hi @Tradesman thanks for your thoughtful response.

Thanks for the offer to continue facilitating the Ambassador calls - I believe that it for you to decide as Ambassadors in the Ambassador Group itself - (rationale: decisions should always be made as locally as possible) so my advice on this is to proceed with a motion in the call itself :grinning:

This discussion is more an ideation of potential solutions rather than a proposal in itself - one of the main things I am trying to highlight is the need for the ‘Active Contributor’ Group to feel more like a group, for those in it to realise the benefit of higher levels of access, and therefore to feel themselves more and contribute more (as stewards) of the protocol, thereby differentiating themselves from the other ‘levels’ - one of which is ‘Inactive Contributors’ those who are around (like lurking, or voting once in a blue moon, or dropping into comment on the forum every now and then) - all of which is helpful, it’s just not at the level I would consider ‘active’.

Having something like a strong ‘Active Contributor’ group where people know and trust each other and therefore have fewer impediments to collaborating or doing hard things together is one very strong tool that I have encountered (and been part of) in several communities and DAOs. This notion is different from some typical thinking that ‘we are all on the same level, we all contribute the same, and we all deserve similar access and reward’. The potential to realise the latter is true, anyone can become an Active Contributor, however, it is not a given starting point.

What do you think I can do to make this level clearer? And to help people dispersed between the two levels feel clear of their level?

Very happy to note your submission for consideration for the idea of the Opportunity Master Role - let’s see if we can get input and support on this idea and brainstorm
more on how to take it forward



Happy Holidays. We discussed this thread in our last Ambassador call, I put out a verbal request of the group members to put direct feedback of the potential SOW of the Opportunity Master, with the intent to review submissions in next call. I’m excited to see who can follow basic instructions. With the review of submissions, we can discuss potential changes to our groups’ “terms of engagement” regarding participation in forum posts. Thankfully we have an excellent governance process to model from. Enforcement is always the challenge.

I would start a definition of Oppertunity Master as Group Project Manager. Since @ImdioR & @Rhano are truly the “facilitators” of our group, OM is really just additional operational support. My guess is that because of the contributory nature of DOAs legally, this potentially discourages ACs to venture outside of their defined scope. This leaves opportunities siting idle becuase the “MEV” mechanism has not attempted “arbitrage” of any project below a full POP consideration. We don’t currently have
an “end-to-end” process for this, but rather an environment where this could be built on. Clearly this role and labor would have a cost appropriate to the level of expertise, skill, and expectation of workflow. This is how I initially vision the value of OM role in Ambassadors & Mods working group.

Thank you for the consideration. #RWAsummer


The opportunity master role is a great idea. I think the scope of work should be keeping people accountable and “on their toes” per say. A lot of great information falls through the cracks of each call and having someone catch those cracks would greatly benefit the overall experience. Simply having someone responsible for checking-in on past items would greatly improve the productivity of the bi-weekly calls.


Hi Centrifugian!

Firstly I am so happy to be the part of a fast-growing and self-learning community like CFG DAO. As contributor group has developed & even more lot of supporters are trying their best to learn about CFG & wish to join us. That’s fantastic! Together with the rapid grow, there is the challenge of how we can be efficient & not let anybody behind, how to motivate and keep encouraging each other to contribute to the project we believe in, in the technology we trust and moving forward.

I would love to share my ideas based on my previous experiences, some DAOs are still around, some are not, hope can write up something valuable here:

  1. More information on Onboarding process & Ambassador JD
  • Obstacle: Some people want to become ambassador but don’t know how to start, how to be qualified, what to do when become ambassador, what benefits the ambassador will have
  • Solution: As a DAO, transparency is they key. Similar how Tradfi world are recruiting Interns, let’s write out all the Job descriptions of the Ambassador positions, might be subDAO for marketing? or compliance team? Can become a great pipeline for Talent growth.
  1. Training & Growth to ensure we are all on the same page if we are CFG Ambassador

I like to imagine joining Centrifuge DAO is like attending a Academy/University.

Let’s divide our “students” into levels:

  • Level 1: Freshmen
  • Level 2: Sophomores
  • Level 3: Juniors
  • Level 4: Seniors or Grads
  • Level 5: Maybe get a real job at CGF?
  • etc….

For each level there should be clear description on:

  • Expectations
  • Benefits

Expectations will help to ensure the quality of students, having the same level of understanding and knowledge about Centrifuge and RWA/DeFi ecosystem. By going through the same education process we try our best to ensure our ambassador got right knowledge to talk to outsiders and also lesson the time asking questions (at the moment team is very supportive and response super fast but when we scale up, it will affect).

Benefits will motive ambassadors (I’m 1000% sure that any contributor who love this project would love to be rewarded in CFG token too, or not always have to token, can be special access to some events and calls, understand each member motive and help them to achieve within CFG DAO).

In other way, it’ll be easier for CFG team to acknowledge and reward those who contribute & have good impact on the CFG DAO growth. (Treasury will be spent following the rules to make sure not overspending or wasting)

For example: I would expect Level 1 Freshmen will:

  • Write introduction on https://gov.centrifuge.io & read the others
  • Complete reading Founding Documents of the Centrifuge DAO - Google Docs and https://docs.centrifuge.io and being able to complete a multiple choice test to check the understanding
  • Write a Twitter thread about Centrifuge / Share Centrifuge posts at least 5 posts a month (maybe)
  • Contribute at least 1 idea based on his/her talent or experience what CFG DAO can do better (getting the ideas from freshmen is the best, as their point of view is closer to our audience)
  • and so on.

For Level 2, I would expect the person to have wallet, have CFG token and be able to vote.

Higher levels can be completed CFG App Individual Investor KYC process etc…(but dont want to be too pushy) just an example. Maybe introduce 10 people to CFG Discord or organizing an event of 50-100 ppl scale. I’m thinking having a MENU for people to go through and see which they can do.

Feel free to suggest more and discuss more on this.

  1. Platform for Writing Goals:
  • I suggest to use https://app.dework.xyz/. In many days of looking for a right DAO tool after drowned in Google Drive submissions and Excel sheet of calculating the rewards, I found out the saver - Dework app. Among many, Dework is still existing and used by some big DAOs like BanklessDAO and CityDAO!
  • Please take a look on BanklessDAO page: https://app.dework.xyz/banklessdao

You can see Overview, Roles, Leaderboards, etc.

What is great about Dework, no space for scammers, since users are using Discord accounts, so it’s easy to verify & can add a sub channel in CFG Discord for Dework notifications, so our Discord members can see DAO’s working and explore.

Contributors can create task themselves, can tracking goals, progress update, completion status.

You can lock some spaces private based on Roles.

Also by listing tasks publicly, anybody can join, for example, share the CFG update on Feb 2024, many people can do the same task.

IMPORTANT: Clarify task in specific aspects that align with CFG DAO goals.

For example: community engagement, event planning, social media outreach, or personal development.

  1. Frequency of Follow-ups:

    • Schedule regular check-ins to review progress on goals. This could be bi-weekly for monthly goals and monthly for quarterly goals, maybe follow our bi-weekly contributors calls?
    • Use these check-ins for ambassadors to share updates, challenges faced, and seek feedback or assistance. (that’s what we are doing well Bravo!)
    • If doing well, ambassadors to share best practices, resources, and provide support to others (if possible).
  2. Collaborative Goal Achievement:

    • For the strong members, maybe can challenge them by giving bigger tasks which require teamwork, it not only help to achieve more but also create bonding!

    For example: Group of 4 to create Educational Slides on how to buy CFG tokens? (I do remember we cannot promote selling tokens but we can use it internally for contributors to buy tokens and be able to vote)
    Or actually can help to create/improve Training documents for New Contributors.

  3. Recognition and Reward: (This one we are doing well!)

    • Recognize the achievements of ambassadors regularly, either through public acknowledgments in team meetings or through more formal rewards for significant accomplishments.
    • Celebrate the completion of major goals to keep the team motivated.
  4. Flexibility and Adaptation:

    • Understanding everybody has their own life, own job and other priorities.
    • Be open to adjusting goals as necessary. No harsh on deadlines but eliminate members who are inactive over 3 months (maybe? or other idea on suitable timing?)

Above are my suggestions, in the nutshell I’m suggesting on Training and Dework app.

Some ideas can be suitable, some not. Feel free to add more comments.
Also I was writing in speaking mode, so some parts might be unclear. Feel free to ask for clarification if needed too. Cheers!



Excellent suggestions! @bella_rwa

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Thank you @Kate_Bee for bringing this discussion to the community.

Great ideas and feedback from my fellow Ambassadors and Active Contributors. @Tjure07 @ItsJake @Tradesman @bella_rwa

Thank you @Tradesman, for facilitating the ambassador calls demonstrating high skills in this regard and I am sure in many other areas.

I also give @bella_rwa credit for her high skills in disseminating information about Centrifuge and the constant energy and ideas she brings to the DAO.

In general I am pleased to contribute with top people who do not even need an introduction due their work speaks itself.

Regarding the Oportunity Master I could do my bit helping with:

  • Helps understand compensation options and paths

  • Mentors and guides: connect to the group leads, the groups and opportunities and links people to opportunities

Since I have started a journey of almost one year contributing with the community and having started step by step has allowed me to get a sense of the path to getting involved in the DAO.

I remain at your disposal in any way that I can help you as long as it is within my capabilities.