Intro to the Karma team

Hello Centrifuge Community! We are Kathleen & Mahesh from Karma - an Analytics Suite for DAO governance.

I, Kathleen, have had touchpoints with Centrifuge since its early days when I still worked on decentralizing Supply Chains and also later on as core contributor to Idle Finance (Yield Automation Protocol). RWAs have been high on my agenda ever since.

Mahesh is an experienced tech- and product-focused entrepreneur who has built businesses and complex software systems from the ground up. He got into the crypto space in 2016 when he started an education company to teach blockchain programming to developers. A year ago, he founded Karma.

At its core, Karma tracks & analyzes governance contributions (e.g. voting, proposing & commenting), providing DAOs and tokenized communities with visibility and the tools to take data-driven actions (e.g. allocation of rewards, voting power and permissions). The goal: increase informed engagement, accountability, and ultimately DAO governance automation.

A few notable implementations are:

  • Optimism, Aave & dYdX commissioned Karma to revamp the Delegation Dashboard, and add new visibility features in an iterative process.
  • Gitcoin’s steward health cards are powered by Karma. All the stats are calculated by Karma and exposed through API that is rendered by Gitcoin’s frontend.
  • ENS DAO uses Karma’s discourse forum plugin to display governance stats of DAO participants inside their forum profile.
  • Idle Finance tracks governance contributions via Karma (Governance Mining), to identify & reward its most engaged participants.

With this intro, we’d like to start a conversation with Centrifuge and its governors about possible cooperation.


Hi @Kathleen, thank you for your introduction and welcome to our community!

I personally really like the idea of tracking the performance of DAO members and give them a score and can see it being used for many purposes - especially in relation to delegation.

All the projects in your references are on Ethereum and I would love to see a similar product, compatible with projects built on Substrate.

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Hi @Rhano, thanks a lot for your feedback! Delegation is indeed one of our most prominent use cases. The benefits from linking contribution visibility and the respective delegation function are undeniable.

The work with Centrifuge would also mark our entry into the Polkadot ecosystem. We are very much looking forward to this!

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