Governance Update March 2024

The Governance & Coordination Group will provide a monthly update about all ended and on-going proposals so the DAO can stay updated.


Ended proposals (1st March - 31st March)

CP# Proposal Status Ended
87 Roadmap Proposal 1 passed 07/03/2024
- Update Claims Upload Account 1 passed 10/03/2024
90 Recovery of lost CFG tokens passed 16/03/2024
- Updating CP6 Block Rewards 2 passed 17/03/2024
92 Runtime Upgrade 1026 passed 17/03/2024
- Update Crowdloan Merkle Tree passed 21/03/2024
94 Runtime Upgrade 1027 3 passed 22/03/2024
98 Runtime Upgrade 1028 passed 30/03/2024

1 This proposal was a simple council motion and thus didn’t require CFG token holders to vote on a referendum.
2 This proposal was implemented with CP92: Runtime Upgrade 1026.
3 Referendum 49 for CP94: Runtime Upgrade 1027 passed but the preimage was not registered onchain prior to the submission so it was resubmitted and passed with Referendum 50.

On-going proposals

CP# Proposal Status Ending
95 (POP) New Silver NS3 4 voting 01/04/2024
- RFC: Updated Treasury Spending Agreement discussion N/A
- RFC: Centrifuge Migration to OpenGov discussion N/A
- (POP) Edly Inc discussion N/A

4 This POP was initially submitted as Democracy Proposal 5 and became Referendum 51 but due to an error in the submission, it was resubmitted as Council Motion 85 which passed and became Referendum 52. You can find an explanation of the submission issue here.

You can find a list of all passed CPs to date in the Centrifuge Proposal Repository on GitHub.

On-going governance discussions

These are not formal proposals (yet) but are intended to share ideas and get input from the DAO before one is submitted.


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