Governance Update April 2024

The Governance & Coordination Group will provide a monthly update about all ended and on-going proposals so the DAO can stay updated.


Ended proposals (1st April - 30th April)

CP# Proposal Status Ended
95 (POP) New Silver NS3 1 passed 02/04/2024

1 This POP was initially submitted as Democracy Proposal 5 and became Referendum 51 but due to an error in the submission, it was resubmitted as Council Motion 85 which passed and became Referendum 52. You can find an explanation of the submission issue here.

On-going proposals

You can find a list of all passed CPs to date in the Centrifuge Proposal Repository on GitHub.

On-going governance discussions

These discussions are for sharing ideas and receiving feedback to help sharpen any forthcoming proposals.


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