Governance Update May 2024

The Governance & Coordination Group will provide a monthly update about all ended and on-going proposals so the DAO can stay updated.


Ended proposals (1st May - 31st May)

CP# Proposal Status Ended
104 Financial Reporting passed 13/5/2024
105 Data Protocol (Technical Proposal) passed 13/5/2024
107 Updated Treasury Spending Agreement passed 13/5/2024
108 Centrifuge Migration to OpenGov passed 13/5/2024
106 Stellaswap <> Centrifuge Liquidity withdrawn 24/5/2024
110 (POP) Anemoy DeFi Yield Fund 1 passed 27/5/2024

On-going proposals

You can find a list of all passed CPs to date in the Centrifuge Proposal Repository on GitHub.

On-going governance discussions

These discussions are for sharing ideas and receiving feedback to help sharpen any forthcoming proposals.

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Mirror version is up!

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